Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She's Off

Well, we packed mum up with three tomato plants, a squash plant, and two dozen eggs and back north she goes. I wish she lived here, we really get to see each other so little in the scheme of things. Thanks for the visit mum.

We put her to work in the garden, doing a lot of watering in this crazy hot weather. From cool days to 88 degrees, the warm up has been a little fast for a lot of the early spring things that don't adore heat. Also, hard to keep that top inch moist for all the seeds, although my flower bed is popping up flax and borage and a few things that I don't recognize. Maybe lupine? That would be exciting.

I have a bit of a short week, as we are headed up to Maine for the memorial service. I am looking forward to celebrating Jeddy's life with Ben's family.

In farm news, we are set to increase the chicken run by about six times. We have had them in a circle made from an 82 foot fence, and frankly, they are bored. There has been some sisterly feather removal and we have done every trick in the book to address this with only minimal improvement. The bottom line seems to be that they don't have enough real estate. So. More fencing, and now they will have about two-thirds of our very generous back yard. Our hope is that because they will have so much more space, they won't eat the yard down to dirt like they do in a smaller area. Every once in a while lately we just let all the chickens out - it's less crazy than it sounds, they really stick together and they stick close to home - and they immediately leave each other alone and just root around in the areas of the yard that are dense and full of dead leave and yummy bugs. I am excited.

Lastly, our indoor garden is insane. It's huge and thirsty and really wants to go outside. We are hardening them off and will plant them just as soon as we can when we return from Maine. Can you believe that all of that green up there came from about a tablespoon of seeds? Crazy crazy magic.

Hope all is well out there.

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Whis said...

Thanks for treating your Moma. We love You!