Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Love Rain

Bottom of this shirt, which I got a few weeks ago and love to bits.

Everything is growing like crazy. The fingerling potatoes have been covered in dirt as far as the pot can contain, and now they are stretching over in shocks of bright green. We have just had amazing spring rains this year; for the first time since I moved here we are not kicking the summer off inches and inches behind in rainfall. Nice.

Yesterday morning I pulled some early beets from the garden and made one of these for supper. F-ing hell, that is one amazing dish. As I was cleaning the beets in the morning and chatting with B I heard myself say, "Mmm, we can have a big pile of beet greens with out beet tart for dinner!" And I really just had to laugh because there would have been no better way to get me to make a barfy face as a kid than to tell me that there would be beet greens for dinner. Seriously. You win, mama, I ate my beet greens up with a grin last night. Love you.


Sarah N. said...

The beet tart sounds awesome. I love the Orangette blog and A Homemade Life is on of my favorite books. If you have it, the custard cornbread recipe in it is divine!

The Sorry Gardener said...

Love the photo. And you sure made that beet tart sound yummy.

queenbeehoney said...

Mummy's smiling.