Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bumper Crop of Peas

Stokes' Aster

How are the peas growing out there where you are? North Carolina has had a long, cool spring with plenty of rain and as such our peas turned in a stunning and lasting crop. We just did bush peas this year, snow peas - maybe Oregon Sugar Pods? I can't remember now. I actually love sugar snap peas very much, but I had forgotten to order any and honestly putting up a trellis in March was just not high on the list. So bush peas it was. And, of course, the first ones were very exciting and eaten with great fanfare while standing barefoot in the yard. And then the next ones were eaten from a small pretty bowl, along with dinner or lunch, and while still exciting perhaps less so. And then a few were stuck into sandwiches, tasty but afterthoughts. And then we officially started to drown in peas. I would look at the bushes and think to myself that I should pick peas soon, and then I'd *really* look at the bush and realize that it was positively dripping with peas. Fortunately, at some point I made hummus and someone dipped a pea in just like a chip and we probably ate a bushel of peas just like that. Yum.

But still, the peas would not quit. And then the husband made dinner last night and I nearly died with the tastiness but instead talked about it all night and again this morning when I pulled my trademark move of looking forward to dinner while eating breakfast. The inspiration was from here, but he made a few changes. Obviously, the type of pea. Also, he dry roasted the almonds and I would not have traded them for a fried almond for anything: they were perfect. Also, hard boiled eggs. Which pretty much taste good with any vegetable, if you ask me. And damn, this was the best dinner I have eaten in some time. So refreshing, and the feta and mint and almonds are amazing together; I think they'd be a good starting point for lots of other things. Anyway. If you are drowning in peas and have a mint patch, go there.


queenbeehoney said...

Oh yes, of all the years to grow peas, this was the one. Dang! I missed it. But I'm glad you didn't. I stopped by Mother Earth today to get some hot dogs for a Birthday Beach Bash that didn't happen cause of the weather (more moisture for those nonexistent peas!), and who was behind the counter but Eva and she ran to the back room and came back with two heirloom tomato seedlings she had grown. She's still a gardening devotee and she still calls me "Bob".

Kelly (The Sorry Gardener) said...

Here is my standard comment: Mmm. But seriously, feta and mint I will have to keep in mind.