Thursday, June 25, 2009

DC Bound

Woohoo, check out that poppy. I cannot say for sure, but I believe that is a poppy from the packet of poppy seeds that the Rachel mentioned below smuggled, er, imported for me from, let me think, Amsterdam? I went a little crazy with the poppy seeds this year, just flinging them willy nilly, and the front bed has delivered with tons of these as well as another smaller type that has yet to show its colors. B and I were eating on the front porch yesterday and commenting on how we love poppies at every stage - droopy headed fuzzy buds, beautiful ruffles of colored blooms, and lovely geometric poppy pods. This is not true for every flower, thus the special. Also, the pink and purple action cracks my ass up because I can distinctly remember going through a phase where Rachel and I would argue over our favorite colors. Like if mine was pink she would change hers to purple. And then if I changed to purple, she was back to pink. But if she went back to purple while mine was still purple, I would change to pink. We were in the bathroom at the public pool when Beth McClintock had enough of our banter and informed us in no uncertain terms that we could both have the same favorite color. That was the end of that. Anyway. Headed to DC for more of this scintillating nostalgia and some Ethiopian food. Yay. Be well out there.


queenbeehoney said...

OOOOOOOh. Bring Mummie a poppie for her garden, Pleeeeeeese.

cake said...

we have that same variety, blooming right now. i also went crazy with the seeds, and tried to transplant some that were over crowded. they don't seem to transplant well, but the direct-seeded ones are doing great. and, you will get thousands of seeds in each pod! plenty to send to mummie.