Monday, June 22, 2009

One Year

Wow, I have so much news that I hardly know where to begin.

Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary. Last fall my girl Dietlind came to visit and we hiked up to the top of a big mountain and at some point while looking out at the view she asked B and I what our favorite part of our wedding was and before I could even think of answering there were tears rolling down my face. Jeezohpete. Will I always burst into tears when I think about our wedding? I might. It remains a treasure of a memory for me, suffused in natural beauty and incredible food and good music and so much family and so many friends, and above all, our hearts laid bare out in a field of clover, held close and careful by all the amazing people we love. It's a raw, raw memory, and probably one of the few of my life where the entirety of it is just this wild and open feeling of love. So yeah. We spent the day remembering what we were doing at exactly that time last year. Just remembering how much fun we had. We said our vows again, we exchanged small gifts, we talked to people on the phone, we pulled vegetables out of the garden, we got dressed up, and we took ourselves out to a stunning dinner, and mostly we just acted like completely in-love dorks. I am so lucky.

And. As if anything could make the day an even bigger deal, hang on. The day after our wedding, my oldest friend and I were sitting on a picnic bench and she said something about giving us two tickets to wherever unless we wanted a bowl or something. And I was all post-wedding circuits blown but must have said something to the effect of hold the bowl, a trip sounds great. But I probably said it like how you would say that sweet potatoes for dinner sound great. And then probably two weeks later, somewhere in Nova Scotia, it was like our brains snapped into gear and we were very belatedly very holy shit about what a huge and awesome and exciting gift this was. And then we kind of forgot about it for a while. But she's a good one, and every now and then she'd kind of casually ask me if we'd thought about where we might like to go. At some point B had suggested going over our Christmas breaks, which seemed peachy to me. And so a few weeks ago we got the globe off of the bookshelf and we spun the sucker around and tried on a few spots for size. Turkey? Guatemala? Argentina? And then someone stuck their finger at Vietnam and we both knew it was the spot. And after a week of my friend and I spending some super quality time with various airline operators, yesterday she booked us two tickets to Saigon in December. When the confirmation landed in my inbox, I emailed her and said "You are so glad that you are not here right now. We would be jumping on you and licking your face like two enormous verbal puppies." Seriously, we are so excited. We are actually going to be seeing Rachel this weekend, and I am hopeful that we will be out of the jumping and licking phase by then, but I can't promise anything.

Whew. In calmer news, the garden is rocking so hard. Everything is growing and green and huge and blooming or climbing or fruiting. We continue to eat lettuce, beets, kale, chard, leeks, broccoli greens, and carrots. Peas are done, and beans are in. The garlic is getting close to harvest time. The first cabbages are on the menu for dinner this week. The beets beg to be picked, and the f-ing chard and kale are as big as I've ever seen it. The basil is getting on its feet and the peppers are growing into big bushy green trees. We have the cutest baby butternut and delicata squash growing, and there are baby cucumbers too. Tomatillos are swelling in their tiny husks, and green tomatoes weigh down huge limbs of our tomato plants. The grocery bill is tiny, and we are eating like royalty. Good times. Sorry for all the beet pictures, they were just so photogenic and since I practically have to beat myself into picking them (bad garden hoarder) I nursed my wounds by taking a lot of pictures.


cake said...

your garden blows my mind! i wish we were neighbors, i'd be peeking over the fence, strolling around your beds, and hoping for a sample. those beets look incredible!

i love hearing about the giddy, bubbly, joyous love you and your sweetie share. thanks for sharing it with the world.

Heather said...

These beets are the best we've grown, and if you lived here I'd so happily give you some! We are the neighborhood garden pushers, I seriously chase down people and make them promise to pick things. They are slow to warm up to it, but my neighbors on either side have been seen picking lettuces and peas so we are getting there!

queenbeehoney said...

Wow, Beautiful Beets, love the photo of them sliced and ready for eating. I am loving beets this year, especially after reading how very good for you they are!

Gosh, can you believe the DC weekend is almost here?

You and Ben look ravishing and madly in love. What did you have for dinner? Where did you go?

dietlind said...

heats! j'adore both of you two lovebirds. how my heart sings to see you smooching like that. i love your husband and i love you to pieces and you both look stunningly beautiful!!!!

judith said...
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judith said...

beets are my veggie porn. love every single thing about them - the flavah neck & neck with the graphic beauty.
can't say nothin bout the friend nor the country: both blow my mind. i have another amazing friend with garden & personal beauty beyond describing & she has been quite a traveler. love that you get to do this, heather.

judith said...

here ya go with Jenny-Sue, starting with the travel-liest part.

They just had a baby so her blog is full of that kind of life right now.

garden & geodome: