Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August Peaches

Ooph. Tired here. Almost too tired to keep up with the fruit situation at our house, let alone the cucumber situation. Fortunately we have had a lot of house guests and no one leaves without some cucumbers. Like we will hide them in your backpack if you say no.

Also, we have our first really red pepper. It is going to be eaten on homemade pesto pizza. Which we actually just made last week but it was so good that I practically wanted it again right away. B made the Cook's Illustrated wet dough and it was so good and required no rolling out of things. I am not near our issue to check this for accuracy, but here is someone else's transcription of the recipe.

Also, the fall garden is (mostly) in and as usual with fall planting the germination was stellar and quick.

Also we finally cover cropped a bed with vetch.

Also, someone left an ice cream maker at our house and now I totally want one. It is the easy peasy electric kind and I made peach ice cream last night that was so flipping good. I think our wedding kitchenaid has some sort of similar attachment. Like we need another thing in our kitchen.

Also, I finished this book and although there were a few glaring character incongruities I liked a lot of the actual dialog which is notable because it is so easy for dialog to suck.

Also, we had our first blt of the summer last night. Although actually it was a bacon, cucumber, tomato sandwich. With basil. Yum.

Also, we think that squirrels are eating our chicken feed. Our super expensive organic chicken feed, thankyouverymuch. I have requested a firearm but my husband seems a little hesitant. Also, the squirrels ate the head off of the only sunflower to survive their earlier eating of my baby sunflowers. My squirrel wrath is pretty extreme right now. Like yesterday I was on the back porch throwing peach pits. Which just almost made me laugh because I pretty much pegged a squirrel and it didn't even seem to care. Probably because it has a generous layer of protective fat on it from hoovering chicken feed.


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queenbeehoney said...

Oh Heater, you do make me laugh. The new improved version still wants a gun when it comes to the wildlife misbehavin'. I wish I were rich and I'd send you four hav-a-hart squirrel traps; you'd be rid of them all in short order. (More is better, that way you can cart them away in batches.) It's usually a shock when you realize just how many there are.

Love that photo of peaches. And it won't be long before I have our first red pepper as well!

So great to chat on the tele. Love those land lines. Do you know that there are folks out there who don't even notice the difference. Must be those overactive synapses that cause the delay to drive us to drink. oxoxo