Friday, August 21, 2009


Woot! Friday! These past two weeks have been zingers, between all the freakin’ food in the front yard and nine thousand oh-shit-the-semester-is-about-to-start kinds of meetings at work. I am ready; I love when all of our crazy intense students come back and ratchet things up around here.

This weekend we are planning to see Julie & Julia, the release of which has gotten me watching things like this or this – good grief I find her to be so completely awesome. In all honesty I was never that interested in Julia Child until Michael Pollan recently described her voice as “vaguely European, breathy and singsongy, and weirdly suggestive of a man doing a falsetto impression of a woman” so of course I had to go check that out and donate more of my workday to youtube. Also we plan to make more pesto (we made over five cups of it last night in our new food processor!), play some tunes with a banjo player rolling through town, and make more peach sauce. Also we need to relax, darn it.

Anyway. I keep forgetting to take a picture of my new shoes, but let it be known that I have some awesome new shoes. Just in case anyone here thought I was only into bugs and dirt.

Also, I read this and kind of lost steam for the crazy by the end. Too bad because I really liked all of his other books, maybe I am just lazy right now. I also just read this because the author is giving the commencement speech here this year and it was quite sweet in a very quaint way, which is to say completely formulaic while being totally charming. Speaking of formulaic and charming, The New Yorker had an awesome article about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter Rose. Actually, I am not sure it was awesome, as much as a little painful to read. Sounds like Laura’s adulthood was perhaps a little bitter and unhappy, and that just about breaks my heart into a bazillion pieces. Anyway, Rose grew up to be something of a libertarian nut and evidently had quite a heavy hand in the writing of Laura’s books so there’s a whole genre of study devoted to arguing about what in those books is Laura and what is Rose and all that good stuff. Juicy!

Our beautiful dahlia and queen anne's lace that I started from seeds picked at my Grampa's farm are both blooming like crazy. Happy making.

Hope all the weekends are good out there.


Alan said...

We lock people up for planting Queen Anne's Lace in our county. It's everywhere. Quite an invasive problem. Wish I had your time and love for cooks and disfunctional writers. Keep putting up the sauce and playing. Can't wait to see the shoes. Would also like a pod cast of some real banjo music...

Heather said...

I know, I know. It's well contained in a raised bed though, and I am a diligent deadheader... I love those flowers so much!

Nice to see you around these parts again. I am so with you on your post about the healthcare terms of debate!!!