Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ok, a much prettier harvest picture by the husband. This is actually a small tomato haul for one day, and doesn't include the four pounds of cherry tomatoes we seem to pull out daily. After some fine sandwiches and such we have hit sauce mode (the slow roasted cherry tomatoes are a great addition). I know that heirlooms are not ideal for sauces, but actually we find that if you just cut them in half like an orange, squeeze out the seeds, stick them in the food processor, and then cook them down with tons of other veggies and a bit of tomato paste, you end up with a pretty kickass sauce. I think it helps to have eggplant coming out of your ears, those guys soak up all that yummy tomato juice. Next year: ONE sungold plant, ONE new heirloom variety (maybe one of those crazy green ones?) and two plum/paste tomato plants. Keep me to it.

Speaking of food processors, my $35 Black & Decker that I bought almost ten years ago finally bit the dust. Right after I turned to B and said "Hey you know, when our food processor dies we can get one that comes with handy cheese grating blades!" Needless to say, I was grating cheese at the time; one of my least favorite things to do, and of course we were right in the middle of a huge batch of pesto. So. Since we use our food processor about five times a week (and since I am not going to make the next twelve batches of pesto by hand, thankyouverymuch) we threw down for a sexy new toy, in red because I like red (sorry Gran). I am a little worried that it won't work out, because, well, I really liked my old one and they don't really make them like that anymore (literally - something about designing them to accommodate small bowls inside the larger bowl) and it runs in my family to get attached to designs that are no longer produced and then spend years resenting the undeniably inferior thing you just had to pay for. Awesome. Anyway, a huge shout out to my fabulous neighbor Sarah who loaned us her food processor on a dime - twice!

Ok, up there in that bowl is a seriously amazing bean salad - these beans, which I think are some of the best beans I have ever eaten, with feta, basil, roasted sungolds, and roasted delicata squash. I flipping love delicatta squash and I am mad as hell that I planted our squash too close together thus ensuring that the butternut would win the squash battle out there. Next year. Anyway, one of the reasons I love it is that you can just split it in half, slice it thin, and roast it. Eat up the whole thing, including the skins. So. Good.

Also. I had a dream about a particular kind of potato salad that we could make with our fingerlings. And then B made it, how awesome is that? He cut and tossed the potatoes in olive oil and roasted them in a hot, hot oven, and then he made a very modified version of this sauce - subbing out our pickles for capers, leaving out several herbs that we didn't grow, etc. Then he hard boiled a bunch of eggs, thinly sliced some celery, and had to listen to me go on and on about how exactly perfect it was. The gribiche gives you creamy with no mayo, which is fine with me. This picture is a typical shitty low light photo, so use your imagination.

Hope everyone is well out there and keeping up with their own veggies...


dig this chick said...

That photo pf you dining on delicious bean salad is adorable.

Our tomatoes kinda blow this year....really weird and cold, rainy August is leaving zillions of green dudes out there. Other stuff is doing great, but tomatoes! Just a few a day.

I have to make that pie.

cake said...

"it runs in my family to get attached to designs that are no longer produced and then spend years resenting the undeniably inferior thing you just had to pay for"

we have a lot of that around here too.

we are also drowning in cherry tomatoes! i splurged for a dehydrator, but can't even keep up with all of them with those 5 drying trays! i have also been slow roasting them (at your suggestion) and putting them in all sorts of things. yum.

do you freeze your pesto? and if so, do you freeze without the cheese, and then add it later, when you use it?

Heather said...

Nici, I wish I could make a pie for you. Pregnant ladies deserve a lot of pie, me thinks!

Kayte, we freeze the pesto, with cheese, in one cup jars. That seems to be a good amount for pesto pizza or pasta or whatever. Different people leave different things out when freezing it, but it tastes fine to us this way!