Thursday, September 3, 2009


Red peppers are one of my biggest ethical weaknesses at the grocery store. I buy them all damn year round, regardless of where they come from. I love them. I love them fresh, sauteed, in soups, and definitely roasted under the broiler. Last year we bought pepper starts from some very nice fellow, but the behavior of the plants suggested that they might have seen some low evening temperatures - late fruit set, and also some sun scald due to plants that were not really leafed out enough. This year we started our peppers from seeds, and wouldn't you know, we put them out and they saw some low evening temperatures. Just a night or two, but we were worried. Man, little did we know. We have been eating red peppers since early August, and plenty of green ones have gone into our tomato-eggplant sauces. We are kind of racking our brains because the trickle has turned into a deluge, and damn if I won't start eating them for breakfast before I let such riches spoil. I have heard tell of frozen roasted red peppers, but gah - that just sounds sorta bad to me. I am eyeballing this recipe, but in the meantime: stuffed red peppers. Oh the yum. Just prep your peppers, throw them in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes, and stuff them with a mixture of leeks, the scraps of pepper you have from prepping them (finely diced), some sort of yummy sausage, basil, kale, brown rice, and feta cheese. Bake them until your husband gets home and enjoy the leftovers tomorrow.


dietlind said...

bake until your husband gets home? you are starting to sound like me in the recipe department! check out the red pepper sauce that went with the shrimp-stuffed poblanos i posted a while back. that was killer and would probably freeze just as well as pesto!

queenbeehoney said...

Your row of red peppers is quite beautiful!

Heather said...

Ha ha, Diets, I will never have your talent for making it up in the kitchen.

Mum, how are your peppers? Did the thief leave you any???

The Organic Homesteader said...

Hi Heather~
I found your blog recently and love it! Especially your last post, about finding your place. I can imagine the is something I've been seeking! You summed it up beautifully. Keep at it, growing those lovely veggies and cooking up yummy food. Check out my new blog if you are interested(
Happy gardening~

the twins said...

your pictures are so pretty!