Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend with Hands

Jeez, is it the weather? I am tired in the mornings even while putting myself to bed early.

B had school things all weekend so I spent mine making another blueberry pie. I put spelt in the crust this time and I think it was a good move. I am known for making fun of hippie baking but I am looking for some additional heft and flavor. Mum says to add some ground up golden flax, so I will try that too.

I also played a lot of music. Is this picture too gross for this blog of flowers and vegetables? My hands go in phases, but they look like this a lot. Our guitar chews them up and spits them out, it's kind of a beast and I feel tough when I successfully boss it around.

Also: the last, I swear it, huge batch of tomato sauce. We have the making of this down to a serious science, but I am ready to give it up. I think the chickens might get the remaining tomatoes. Speaking of chickens, I recently realized that we have small chickens. What is up with this? Is it good? I do not know.

Also: the peppers. I put lots in the sauce and then roasted a huge tray of the red ones. They are for lunch and what doesn't get eaten that way I may throw into this sauce recommended by this girl. Roasted red peppers are so happy making.

Also, I am going through a huge purge in the clothing department. I get possessed like this pretty regularly, but this feels extreme. Etsy here I come.

Also, I am reading this and it gave me very lousy dreams. I am taken with the structure yet completely unimpressed with the characterization of evil; I've read it before and so have you. I am gunning for the Booker longlist next - Booker usually does me right, although last year sucked quite a lot.

Also. It is slipper time at our house. B used to shuffle around in the most decrepit mangy slippers you can imagine. It took me a few years to deal with that, but now we are both snazzy and warm in the foot department. I like slippers.



queenbeehoney said...

I can just see Ben in those corduroy slippers, they are perfect! It's time for Fall and Winter ~ my garden girl needs a rest!

Teresa said...

Slippers are the best when you first break them out in the fall. Kind of like wearing jeans again when the weather changes, or a comfy sweat shirt. Sounds like you make some yummy stuff, too bad we can't taste over a blog.

cake said...

jealous of your slippers. my sweetie and i have not had the best luck in finding good slippers for the past two seasons.

Debra Madison (vegetarian cooking for everyone) has a beautiful and tasty red pepper sauce too. it freezes nicely, and is quite versatile.