Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dahlias for Puff

Ok, this is really the last of the flowers-in-the-vase shots. First frost came this week, and it was a really hard frost. Nipped our butternuts even, which supposedly takes a pretty serious frost. Anyway, in anticipation we picked huge bouquets of dahlias. It was killing me that it was going to frost, because the plants were still covered with buds. Argh. But it was also kind of special because we have refrained from picking very many dahlias since they don't last long cut whereas they last outside for ages. B's auntie gave us this dahlia so we call it Puff's Dahlia. I am besotted with the color.

I have been on fall break this week save for a trip into work today, and in driving there I realized that I had missed the fundraising week on my local public radio station. I am a little embarrassed to admit how fantastic I thought this coincidence was. Can I just say again how much I love my job? I was so tired at the end of last week, I felt like someone was giving me the biggest present in the land - a week of sleeping in.

Reading Coetzee lately. I think it's been a while since I read any decent political fiction, I have been really moved by some of his earlier work.

Eating fall carrots from the garden. So sweet. We covered them for the frost and then picked them so they'd be even sweeter.

Still engineering our winter hooping plans, but getting there.

Still feels too early to plant garlic, we are having a warm fall. The onions look great, they are now mulched and netted (f*^%ing squirrels) for the winter.

Still sawing away at that old fiddle. Good times.

Watched this and just loved it all over again. Watched this and was seriously disturbed in too many ways to count. Saw this, mostly because I really just wanted to go to the movies, and was pleasantly surprised. I did not know her paintings and loved seeing them.

Ok, I have to go back to vacation now. Hope all is well out there.

P.S. Any Sigg water bottle owners out there? Have y'all heard about this? Man, I am so pissed. They have been lying for years now about whether their lining contained BPA. I am trading all of ours in, but that will be the end of me and Sigg stuff. Grr. (With thanks to Dietlind, who really does tell me things all the time, no matter what she says.)

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Tim Harvey said...

I was living by myself in the early 80's at "The Farm" near Shelburne, Nova Scotia when I discovered the books of J.M. Coetzee.
I was totally blown away by The Life and Times of Michael K and Waiting for the Barbarians
Now that I'm such library fiend I'll reread them.

Thanks for the reminder