Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Firsts

Today is the first really, really, really bright, really, really windy fall day. Everything is crystal clear, the sky is as blue as can be, and leaves are swirling everywhere. This is one of my favorite times to hike around here, and itch I hope to scratch this weekend.

We roasted our first chicken since last winter. We seem to go mostly veggie over the summer. With lots of cheeses, yum. I made my first stock since last winter too, with all of those lovely chicken bones and skins and bits, also yum.

The last eggplant went here, sans the sausage because after all that lasagna we needed something a little less piggy. I thought these biscuits were terrible - not biscuity not cornbready, just floury. But all the veggies were great, and I am thrilled to say, without lying, that we ate or put up every single eggplant that we grew this year. I think there is an award for that, because hell, we had a lot of flippin' eggplant out there and this is not a vegetable that can be thrown in just anything. STILL with the peppers. I am now just coring them, cutting them into quarters, and freezing them. Surely they will do for soups? If not, please don't tell me now, I really don't want to know. Thanks.

Booker is not hooking me up here people. I could not even finish this. And this was sweet and even slyly if slightly moving, but really just kind of a poof-and-its-gone kind of book. I am seriously about to go read some teenage lit here pretty soon just to bolster my spirits. Oh wait, I already did. Laughably antiquated (1916), deliciously predictable, quite delightful.


queenbeehoney said...

Heater, I love you!

dietlind said...

hey that's crazy that the first book you mentioned has a cover design that is a print by that Etsy artist you that why you chose it? love the pictures.

Heather said...

I KNOW! My copy did not have that illustration, but when I went to link to it that was the first thing I noticed. I read it because it was a Booker finalist, but jeez-o-pete it was so immediately annoying!!! I just read an entire Coetzee last night (Disgrace) and now I am starting Rebecca Solnit's new non-fiction, I love her essays in The New Yorker. Things are looking up.

Anna said...

Don't remember how I found your blog, but I discovered it recently and have enjoyed looking, especially because I love the Asheville area so much. I miss living in NC ... And fall in western NC is so gorgeous.

Lucky you with the no. 6 boots. I had an awfully hard time choosing between those and the Rachel Comey Penpal boots and went with the RC onces, but still have a hankering for the others. Isn't it awful?

Heather said...

Girl, I hear you. The shoes will kill me one day. I love love love these boots though, and I think they will last.