Thursday, October 1, 2009


Oh, oh, oh it's so Fall here. Tomorrow we are roasting our butternut squash for the first of many fall soups. I could not be happier with our squash harvest; it was a tough year for mildews but yet the space under our sink is packed with what seems to me like a treasure chest of butternuts. Still more ripen on the vine as I type this; they are racing Jack Frost. This morning I picked more peppers - at this point we are roasting and freezing them, and this seems to be just fine. We did a trial run of this and they tasted great on sandwiches and pizza, so there you go. Beans are finished, the last bag of them waiting in the fridge, and that about wraps it up for the summer vegetables. Oh wait: one last eggplant still dangles out there. I haven't the heart to compost it, but my inspiration in this department is somewhat fatigued. I think it can stay on the vine for another week or so unless it frosts.

Alliums. That handful up there is one of tiny onion thinnings. I mourn every single one of them, I kid you not. Well, mourn and give thanks. They smell just like onions, even at that size. Soon for garlic, but not quite.

Minor list of annoyances. The idiots defending Polanski, people who write checks at the grocery store and post office, dogs in my garden, insomnia, and of course squirrels.

Patterns. I will confess to acquiring a few new fall items, but I consider them to be free because I sold a bunch of vintage clothing on etsy and a few people even traded with me. I love to trade, I am always looking to trade eggs for things but so far my hens have not scored me any fancy shoes. Yet.


Alan said...

My hens are getting old so egg production is dropping. I'd trade for eggs, but my manky old boots probably wouldn't make the cut.

Love the patterns!

Heather said...

Ha, I love the word 'manky'!!!

lotta said...

I must tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It is a joy to follow your gardening endeavor, I love the recipes. I am writing this just before dinner time and reading about you lasagna ingredients makes me drool all over my keyboard. Thank you for sharing!

Heather said...

Oh Lotta, thank you and likewise: you are now on my list of people to keep up with, and I look forward to seeing more of your work this way. Two of my favorite things: plants and textiles. I really would love to come be your apprentice!


queenbeehoney said...

You could trade eggs for chicory at Thanksgiving! Think our remaining chicory will last that long? Sounds like your garden is still producing big time! My winter greens are finally up, the seeds from years past did not come up at all. And the sungolds! They are going for broke and sweeter than ever.

queenbeehoney said...

Fans need a butternut squash soup recipe! Especially if it involves a food processor, which I have not used yet. Bad Mommy. So do you have an Etsy site? Share!