Monday, November 30, 2009

Chick in a Box

Ha ha. I am so funny.

First, how were all the Thanksgivings out there??? Oh my gosh, I hope they were every bit as lovely as ours. We had such a grand time. Seriously perfect food, lovely walks, even a few snow flurries on Friday morning. A cute baby to pass around the table, folks to talk to around every corner. Even a backyard football game. My pies came out tip top, although next year I might need to make a few more. Must have leftover pie, c'mon, and it was slim pickings Friday morning.

The big goofy part of our trip was that we brought Ruby Sue with us. She is our Rhode Island red who survived the possum attack about a month ago. Ruby is a champ. She has been fine pretty much from day one, but was sporting a fairly sizable bare spot on her rump. And boy do other chickens love to peck a girl when she's down, and we had legitimate worries about infection. So she's been our little house chicken for quite some time now, heading out into her own little run when the weather is fine. After the surprise of it all wore off she even started laying eggs again. What a chicken. Our super duper fabulous neighbors (Hi Sarah and Meg and Claire! Hi Liz and Kara!) took on our regular flock duties, but tending a house chicken seemed like pushing the communal goodwill that is actually present in boatloads in our neighborhood so into a travel box and off Ruby went. There was one successful escape attempt, but all in all it was pretty uneventful. She even laid my mom and egg. I think she's glad to be home though. We're going to try to put her back with the other ladies in a week or two, 'cause Ruby isn't coming with us on the airplane to Maine for Christmas. Right.

Anyway, we came home with a possum trap, and darn it, we are going to trap some vermin around here.

We also came home to the first head of winter broccoli, yum. Also to B's delicious pancakes with blueberry sauce on them. Life is pretty fine in our neck of the woods. My man is finishing up a hell of a semester and we will both enjoy his lack of homework when he's finally finished. And I've just got three little weeks left to go before my own winter break is stretching out luxuriously in front of me. Also, there is eggnog at the store now, and we will have a tree up any day now. Nog and tree is just about all it takes for me to get that lucky cozy holiday feeling. May your holiday coziness be available in scads.


Kelly (The Sorry Gardener) said...

I can't believe you took the chicken with you. LOL

And I did make a tart with the pears, so thanks for the suggestion.

queenbeehoney said...

How is the vermin trapping going? We definitely want photos!

We enjoyed our Ruby eggs with Warren Wilson bacon, nothing better.

Oh, and we also had one sweet organic pear for breakfast this morning. So good.

judith said...

i love that her name is ruby & that she travels. i love everything about your whole chickens adventure. & 'love' is not an exaggeration.

erica said...

i am in awe of your garden (and your chicken).

cake said...

ditto what erica said. and those pancakes! wow. i can't make a proper pancake to save my life. those look perfect.