Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Oh man, I just keep forgetting about this here blog. Work has been dunking my head underwater fairly regular like lately, and by the time I get home all I want to do is wrap myself in a quilt and float on the couch. I have even worked out how to play fiddle tunes on the couch in said quilt. It is not ergonomic but it is warm. Our house is really cold in the winter, darn it. My banjo is really lonely, and the guitar only slightly less so. Sorry old friends, there's a new toy in town. It is really rewarding to practice; the improvement curve is fast when you start out sounding like you are stepping on a cat.

Garlic is in, four kinds, easily twice as much as last year. Between the red onions and the garlic, and the yellow onions that we will plant in the spring, I am guessing a good fourth or fifth of the garden will be lovely allium plants next summer.

The House Chicken (see Kelly, you got your chicken name after all!) is doing fine. We even let her out for a little romp last weekend, although the behavior of our other girls (who could not reach her because she was outside their run) suggests that the reintegration may be difficult. She didn't rank high to begin with, and now she's got this tempting spot to peck at. She may be a basement chicken for some time to come, poor thing, she'll need every last feather to cover her behind.

Anyway. I'm afraid that's the news. I have been killing books right and left, but none so good as to mention. Looking forward to Thanksgiving with family. I'm on the menu for blueberry and pumpkin pie. I just want my mom's stuffing. Yeah.

Be well out there.


sorrygardener said...

Speaking of fiddles, I'm getting caught up on backissues of The New Yorker. Saw this article about Mark O’Connor and thought of you.

Nick Paumgarten, Make It New Dept., “Cabbage,” The New Yorker, September 7, 2009, p. 25

Heather said...

Heya, I read that when it came out and thought it sounded neat! When I played the saxophone (badly) as a child, I always hated all the big band stuff they start you on and longed for jazz, which was nowhere to be found. I think this is like that: more options!

dietlind said...

hey i'm on the menu for pie too! two kinds. but i'm thinking apple and lemon meringue...and you know i probably won't be making the crust from scratch, but you never know! love you chicken!!!!

queenbeehoney said...

Hey You! I was just thinking about stuffing and wondering what kind of bread I'm going to use this year. I always use O Bread, but haven't ordered from them in ever so long. I might have to splurge for Thanksgiving!

It is so very cute when you take photos of your toes. I think they might be my favorite. There should be an index just for toe photos so mummie can find them all at once.

And while you're home.... you can teach me how to make pie dough in my "new" used food processor. Pleeeeeeezzzz.

cake said...

sounds like you need a snuggie. i hear you can play instruments with them on.

judith said...

grey & yellow! like our rooms :->
love that rug. & the girl & the shoes....