Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Best Ever

First, the bad news: this is going to be a photo-less place for a while. My camera is, well, not playing nice. Grr. I hope to do something about this soon, as without photos this space seems way more diary-like, which make me itchy.

Now that I have that off of my chest...

Asheville got 17 inches of snow this weekend! This is a big stinkin' deal, the most either of us have ever seen here is a wimpy inch or two that is gone by noon. The snow started Friday morning, and it just did not stop. Huge, fat, wet flakes, it just kept coming until before we knew it we were completely snowed in. That morning I managed to scoot out to the post office to mail Christmas packages and to the grocery store for food, and then B and I tucked in like we have never tucked in before. All through the end of this semester we had promised ourselves a day that we just spent entirely in bed. Or at least in our pajamas. Every time the alarm clock went off too early, we'd think of this day we were promising ourselves, and the deal was: lots of reading, lounging, eating, movies, ahem, etc., you get the idea. Well it turns out we got a few of those. Seriously just what two overworked people needed. Complete rest, and quiet. The power went out sometime Friday evening, and so for a good 24 hours we were treated to the loveliest peace from it all, ever. The phone went out, the cell phones died, the fridge made no noise, the oven still worked so the food was fine. True, it was 46 degrees in our house on Saturday, but we just bundled up under the covers and read to each other (we are killing Harry Potter over here). It was so great.

I feel like I had 900 other things to say, but now I am too relaxed to remember what they were. Oh wait, not true, B made these latkes and they were so durn good. He tinkered with the recipe, adding more egg and some flour, and holy moly, yum. He also made the best pizza ever. And he also made an amazing pot of red beans and rice, which I really will post the recipe for soon. I think he had some pent up culinary energy. Fine by me.

Oh, and I made some stockings. They are frickin' awesome, my girl Diets gave me the push I needed to hack up a gorgeous vintage circle skirt and although at one point the husband actually offered to leave the house so that I could curse with complete abandon (me: "I am actually cursing to impress you."), now that they are finished I am very happy. Seriously, I had to line them, make a fancy hook, and trim them, and I am a fucking sewing moron so it was pretty colorful around here, I think there might have been some head whacking onto the sewing machine. Right. When my camera stops acting like a twit I will show them to you, even if it's February.

Also, we went Christmas caroling last night with our awesome friend Jenni who seriously gets us to carol in four part harmony for hours. Try staying dry eyed when a motley crew of people stand on your porch and sing Oh Little Town of Bethlehem in the snow!

Also. Happy holidays out there.


queenbeehoney said...

I'm so happy that you got a rest, and you're right ~ there is nothing like the peace and quiet of a power outage, nothing. Glad you did not freeze off any body parts or any water pipes.

Kelly (the sorry gardener) said...

Gosh, if you were a good girl maybe Santa will bring you a camera? Merry Christmas.

booksNyarn said...

I found your blog by way of Dig This Chick a couple weeks ago and have enjoyed catching up.

How great to be able to take a rest, right at the time of year when things usually are the busiest!

Merry Christmas.

Heather said...

Yeah Santa, you hear that??

Hey Booksnyarn, thanks for the visit. Another librarian! I am headed out of town but look forward to snooping on you when I get back.

6512 and growing said...

Love how the power outage/snowstorm brought the rest you needed. It's cool how the loss of electricity can bring us back to the basics: books, eating, cuddling and the other good stuff.

cake said...

no worries, your animated writing style makes up for any missing photos.

(but i am dying to see those stockings, nonetheless).

judith said...

drivin by to catch up with the birthday girl.

i would so love to give you some ornaments, but don't know if you want to accumulate any that way. our tree is so laden with story - it is like a book we open once a year.

much love to and yours. YOURS.