Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Decorations

So. We have a Christmas tree. It's the most beautiful, ever, just like years past and the years to come. It was $20 because it was a 'second' and it is kind of awkward like a teenager and we love it. B does the lights, just simple white lights, and he's the kind of guy who has to really get the lights in there so that you can't see any wires. I love this. No ornaments. In years to come, but not yet, just a tall green tree with tiny white lights. We don't have any other Christmas decorations, and for the first time this year I really wanted some. I emailed my best friend and said "What is going on? I feel like I need a wreath. Help." She was helpful and told me to get a wreath, she's so good like that.

We did not end up with a wreath, but I did buy our first Christmas decorations last week. These are on par with the things I remember from my childhood, the things that I would begin dreaming about beginning in, oh, September. Magical special things that encourage inventive narrative and lots of gazing. These are little elf houses. There are six of them, all different sizes. They are so lovingly made, tiny, tiny pieces of paper cut and glued. I think their base is toilet paper rolls, awesome. They came with tiny flickering led candles to place inside, and at night they are so completely magical that B and I have eaten in the living room with just the tree and the elf houses for days now. I love illuminated things that don't have wires, and the light shines warmly out of the intricate windows. They are so cool. I wrote the sweet girl who made them an absolute love letter when they arrived. She replied that she is always relieved when people who make up elf stories end up with the houses, and thus the deal was even sweeter.


queenbeehoney said...

Oh my gosh, those are so cute! What patience it must have taken to make them. Does this mean that Mommy can send an ornament or two?

Heather said...

Nope, not yet! ; )