Monday, December 7, 2009

More Pie

Hoo-boy. There is a lot of craziness going on here. My man is in finals this week. I can honestly say that this semester sort of leapt up and bit us both in the ass. After two years of cruising through grad school on a big brain that can memorize stuff in a snap and take tests while half asleep, this third year roared in with a literal shit-ton of projects and papers and real clinic hours, not just scattershot obligations to follow some cool third or fourth year around for observation. It surprised us both to have this be hard and really f-ing busy-making. Intricate dinner making screeched to a halt, we haven't been on a hike in months, and it's not longer true that we play music every night after dinner. I am really, really proud of him for doing something hard. Grad school was shockingly underwhelming for me, and when I was finished I had this general feeling of "Really? That's it?" Which, I can tell you, is not how my husband is going to feel when he finishes. I think that's great. I think he will be glad that this has been hard, even while he might be wishing in the moment that things were easier. Easy for me to say!

With all that said, we will be celebrating something fierce this Wednesday when he turns in the last things and takes the last exams. I got started early and baked another butternut pie with a gingersnap/pecan crust. Holy shit, it is a tasty pie. The one at Thanksgiving was good, but we ate it before it had cooled completely so it was more like pumpkin (butternut) pudding in the center. Yummy, but not right. This pie is quite right and this time we do not have to share. Plus pie is just more exciting when you haven't just eaten two plates the size of your head filled with turkey and stuffing and salad and cranberry and mashed potatoes and... The recipe I use was stolen from a really fancy restaurant and it's for something like six pies at once so everything is like .83 cups and .2 teaspoons but nonetheless it seems to work out every time.

Anyway out there. Hope you are all warm and that the weekends were great.

P.S. Ruby is now a flock hen again. She is so fine out there, and after a tense ten minutes of all the Hench Hens giving her a little chase and psych out, the peace seems to be pretty normal out there. No more chicken in the basement, and I for one am pretty glad about that.


queenbeehoney said...

Oh Ruuuu-ooo-ooo-by, don't take your love to town!

We be lovin yous two.

cake said...

your pie sounds good. i had my first pumpkin-pie-flop a couple of weeks ago. it really tore me up. i take pride in my pie! it was okay, but the crust was just all wrong. sort of flaky, but NOT tender. i just need to make another one, to banish that one from my memory.

enjoy your holidays!

Heather said...

Oh darn it! I hate when that happens! I find the pie crust for pumpkin pie harder than fruit pies, since you can't bake them at very high temps or the eggs will curdle, so sometimes mine are soggy on the bottom. Thus the easy peasy gingersnap/pecan/butter routine.

Heya, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, crafting your tush off and doing fun things with Carl and Cosmo! Wish I could bring you some Christmas cookies!