Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Love Rain

Bottom of this shirt, which I got a few weeks ago and love to bits.

Everything is growing like crazy. The fingerling potatoes have been covered in dirt as far as the pot can contain, and now they are stretching over in shocks of bright green. We have just had amazing spring rains this year; for the first time since I moved here we are not kicking the summer off inches and inches behind in rainfall. Nice.

Yesterday morning I pulled some early beets from the garden and made one of these for supper. F-ing hell, that is one amazing dish. As I was cleaning the beets in the morning and chatting with B I heard myself say, "Mmm, we can have a big pile of beet greens with out beet tart for dinner!" And I really just had to laugh because there would have been no better way to get me to make a barfy face as a kid than to tell me that there would be beet greens for dinner. Seriously. You win, mama, I ate my beet greens up with a grin last night. Love you.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blueberries for Soon

Bad blogger. I have been sick and exhausted and busy. This is the third time in a year that I have come down with a cold far surpassing "just a little cold." Last night I woke up in the middle of the night coughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face. Despite this sucking very much, thank you, I am otherwise doing very well. This is largely because my husband has been cooking and cleaning and throwing me in the bed and making me nap, which I suck at even when sick. Also, he makes me drink evil tasting Chinese herbs. I take a lot of pleasure in complaining about them in great adjective laden detail. Anyway. I am so flippin' lucky to be married to this human who loves me so much and who is my complete equal in the nesty nurturing doing kind of way.

Anyway, because doing just about anything makes me feel like I might fall over and die, I have not been out and about with the camera much. We weathered some pretty cold weather here, far colder than any pepper, squash, tomato, or basil would ever like to know about, so we'll see. We planted a lot of peppers, so I will learn my lesson the hard way if they take five months to set fruit. My flowers are growing like champs though, we are in lettuce heaven, there are little alien looking asparagus popping up all over the asparagus bed, the cabbages are making little cabbage heads, the rhubarb went from being two puny looking plants with four inch leaves to enormous gorgeous bouquets of leaves over a foot long, the peonies are blooming, and fucking hell do we ever have some blueberries coming. Also, we have exciting house guests coming next week for B's birthday and there are super awesome birthday presents to be given. Ooph, I must decide what to bake for the birthday boy. Something fruity.

Anyway, are you tired of seeing this shot yet? I am just so pleased with the lettuce bed this year. It's our fourth try at the best way to plant lettuce. I finally broke myself of The Row of Lettuce. Which I never thinned and thus it was some sort of War of the Lettuce Lords in there where the bloody battle made for spindly heads. So. Now we do a patchwork of planting. I am a Capricorn so I have to prep the bed, and then mark where the seeds go with pennies to make sure everything is even. Each little hole gets a few seeds, and I slowly thin them down to the very best and biggest seedling. This kind of thinning I can handle; slow and considerate. Also you can usually do some transplanting if you had poor germination anywhere. ANYWAY. You can see that they are pretty much snug in there at this point, but the heads are very big and well developed; we just pick the outside leaves and it grows right back in. Weeds have no place to grow and it's beautifully mulched in there so they stay nice and moist. Compositaceae baby, it's what makes your sandwich taste so good. Also, I freakin' love eating dry lettuce. The end.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon

There's a peony in there.

Rhubarb under bird netting (which is really to keep the squirrels out)...

Oh people. We are crazy busy. When I am not right in the moment of being crazy busy, I am wicked tired. Like asleep with your eyes open tired. We traveled to Maine for Jeddy's memorial, which was wonderful, and then straight home to B's final exams and my end of the semester work insanity. We have eaten takeout for the first time in months. We grouse at the alarm clock. Despite the gorgeous weather I have failed to hang the last several loads of laundry on the line. We rouse each other up from the dinner table to get the pepper starts in, or get the tomatoes properly tucked away, or find the eggs that the girls can now hide in their new enormous yard, or get the asparagus bed desodded, prepped, planted. And now we are camping and playing music all weekend except I have to work this afternoon right in the middle of it all. Grr.

Baby Lupine.

Potatoes growing like mad.

Um, yeah, did you catch that part about an asparagus bed? I am thrilled to tiny bits to announce our sixth bed, now tucked full of Jersey Supreme asparagus crowns. Our tiny farm now has strawberries, rhubarb, and asparagus. I have yearned for these in particular because they are so inherently still. You wait for them, sometimes for years, but if you just give them a little annual care they do their own thing, no seeds, no starts, just the passing of the calendar. I am a lucky girl to be able to plant such things and look forward to the years when they will grow up and let us eat them.

Stuff in this bed is growing like crazy...

Can you see the strawberry sprouts yet?

Anyhoo. I hope everyone is having a lovely spring and getting as much perfect rain as we are. What a nice change from the dry springs we've been having.