Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow, Again

After the 17 inches of snow in December, I once caught myself thinking "I won't be sad if it doesn't do that again," yet on Saturday morning I greeted the 8 inches of fresh snow with complete glee.

We picked these raspberries this summer with my Uncle Patrick. We did not think of snow the entire time.

This weekend we took some of them out of the freezer.

And made this. It manages to taste as good as it looks, if not better.

We also took this cabbage, and a few of its friends.

And make our first sauerkraut. We had some at a friend's house, and the pregnant lady had to force herself to be polite and not eat the whole gallon of it. Homemade does not taste like the stuff from the store, promise. It's just cabbage and salt and time, yet it tastes like so much more. We have this book (awesome wedding present alert) and you should too.

We also made carnitas that were truly, truly amazing, but I can't prove it to you now because we ate them all.

We also played a lot of fiddles. There is always a lot of tuning because one of our fiddles doesn't like to tune up so everything goes down a key but then we play with other people and one of them goes back up get the idea. It's good practice but it makes me use swears. B taught me a bunch of nifty variations for tunes I already know and then some new stuff in D and I am extremely happy about it all. Can you see my little belly? I have one. This little guy is discovering his limbs, and he pokes me to prove it. The other day in bed B whispered to me something like "the boys are going to outnumber you." And I whispered back and said, "not if you count the hens."

Keep warm out there.


cake said...

i've just recently discovered the joys of lacto-fermentation. someone brought over some homemade kimchi (not a spicy one) and i almost ate the whole jar in one sitting. i'm not even pregnant! there is something irresistible about that fermented cabbage. i've been trying to match it ever since.

lotta said...

mmm, love raspberries, and cabbage (most of the time). wish I could hear some if the fiddle playing. sounds like a perfect weekend. enjoy the snow.

Sarah said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me, that sauce looks amazing!

I've never tried preserved cabage like that, sounds intriguing...

queenbeehoney said...

Ok, we want fermented cabbage and raspberry sauce next time we visit you two! Love the photo of your little belly!

judith said...

love to you, sweetest hen.