Monday, March 1, 2010


This is what I call our little guy: Busy. He started kicking early and he likes to kick a lot and he doesn't mind kicking hard. I am charmed, the husband is charmed, but I am f-ing tired, because lately it's made sleep a wee bit elusive and this girl a wee bit tired (or more), and I'll admit it: a wee bit cranky here and there. Moving on now.

I worked this weekend, but we still got into a pretty average amount of trouble. The handpies grew and this time contained peaches:

Tunes were played:

And no photos because they didn't do them justice, but we made veggie reubens with our own sauerkraut and B's rye bread and all the tired and the cranky vanished at the first bite of the sandwich of my dreams. B finally got to try making bread with a stone and it was stunning. He is getting to be a durn good baker, that boy.

Happy Monday.

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cake said...

i know about those photos that don't do the food justice. i just can't take a good food shot at night, with my camera. home made kraut sounds yummy.

hope your guy settles down, so you can get some sleep!