Monday, March 29, 2010

Phildelphia Love

Durn it, it's Monday and I'm tired. Busy weekend: work, guests, and Busy himself with the usual busy at four in the morning. Quite a lot of fun in there too though; a good chunk of time in the garden, a rockin' gospel concert, and some family time chief among them.

Last week I got not one, but two seriously squeal worthy packages in the mail. Both from Philadelphia, a city I've never even visited but sure do hope to someday. The first was from this girl, and it contained two pair of handmade baby socks and this hat:

Jeezopete is that cute or what? In general the hats kill B and this was no exception. Kind of crazy to fit it onto your hand and think there will be a Busy Little Guy's head in there soon.

The second package was from this gal. It sure has been fun to trade pregnant lady news with her. We are just a week and some change behind them: two June babies coming up. Anyhoo, as though she read my mind, out of a box came a gleaming jar of homemade belly butter:

It smells like happy and goes on like a dream, and I'd been eying pricey butters and not taking the bait for months. Also in the box was a Nikki McClure baby book and some lovely rosewater for judicious spritzes when the tired rolls around. Also: her card had a wax seal on it; the cracking of it alone made me do a little dance.

So yeah, I am feeling the Phildelphia love: thanks you two.

We finally got all of our early seedlings out in the dirt, and boy were they ready. We planted them on a beautiful Saturday and Sunday rain watered them right in for us. A bit more rain and shy sun and then we're in for a stretch of sunny, sunny weather that should make everyone happy. Along with our seedlings we planted another round of baby bok choy and lettuce and the first rounds of beets and two kinds of carrots. Game on.


dig this chick said...

Hi! I am tired and need to be as horizontal as the baby draped over my midsection but I miss you (as much as one can who hasn't actually met you) so I am here for a moment. June is coming soon! Sweet gifts. I have been loving those photos of you playing music with your blurry belly. Post some more of those soon.


Heather said...

Thanks for the visit, ladyfriend. Tired girls unite, zzzzzzzz......