Monday, March 22, 2010

Pluck of a Weevil in a Biscuit

Where to begin? Where did I leave off? Where am I now? Seriously, that last question is no joke. Lately I have been doing extremely hilarious absentminded things like 1) putting the jar of mustard under the kitchen sink instead of the fridge 2) reaching for organic butter and coming home with non-organic butter 3) constantly walking out the door without all my shit. Ok, it's really only hilarious if you know what a precise person I am usually am. Righty-o.

So Charleston was just about the most fun two people can have in three days. When we pulled into the driveway after it was all over I told B that my fun-meter was broken. We kicked things off by reading Treasure Island in the car on the way there (thus my awesome title for this post) which completely blew us away with its greatness. We are going around spouting choice phrases whenever possible ("Good grief, we have left the kitchen in a state of smash!"), and we are gunning for Jekyll and Hyde next. Shiny.

Charleston itself was blindingly picturesque. We strolled down brick streets, sniffed camellias and magnolias and jasmine, toured historic houses, posed in front of countless fountains, visited an old plantation and took a boat ride that brought us within five feet of a great blue heron, and pretty much just enjoyed the phejesus out of ourselves. We ate stunning grits and butter beans and fried chicken, visited no less than four bakeries, had the best Thai food we've had in ages, and found a super cute cafe for our no-attitude morning decaf americano (nerds). On day two, with sore pregnant lady feet, we rented bikes and sailed around the city with practically no effort at all. Every time we do this we re-vow to Always Rent Bikes. It's just so stinkin' fun and you and do and see so much more. The weather, predicted to be partly cloudy, was actually like this:

Right? Delicious.

So yeah. We give Charleston the thumbs up. Then my lovely parents arrived, bringing with them lots of baby excitement and hugs and general loveliness. They also brought with them Much Baby Gear - my beautiful old oak crib and an enormous box of goodies from a high school friend of mine. My mama got to feel Mr. Busy kicking away in there, which was pretty awesome, and we celebrated Johnny's birthday a few days early. Oh, and my mom cleaned our oven for us and Johnny fixed our broken screen door. We are lucky kids.

After all this excitement, I pretty much spent most of the weekend sleeping or on the couch. We did plant some peas and poppies and lupines and B did some garden maintenance involving beautiful compost and leaf mould. We're hardening our early seedlings, and the new batch is under the lights. Basils, tomatoes, squash, and tomatillos are already up and running. Our cabbage starts are especially lovely:

Also lovely: B's bagels. He is fast on the track of experimentation, and they get yummier at every turn. Lucky me.

Hope you all had wonderful last weeks and even better this weeks.


judith said...

love the shot of Busy taken from below ;->!

queenbeehoney said...

the hat photo is quite possible the cutest photo of you ever taken

we had so much fun at your house. for once we arrived without our asses dragging. makes such a difference.

Jenni said...

I am going to have to taste those bagles, dear.