Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Boy howdy, I have not been talking about cooking food here very much, have I? Well we still do it, I swear. Things were hairy there in the first trimester, what with my sudden grudge against kale and squash and oats and curry, but then along came the second trimester and there were trumpets and confetti and a celestial choir and energy to do things again and kale was once again my friend and most of my clothes still fit. Right. The third trimester rolled around a few weeks ago, and, well, I am not quite so peppy and sometimes getting my own socks off is really comical and my middle organs are starting to get all smooshed and eating is just not quite what it once was and hopefully will be again. Let's just say that snacking is better than dining, shall we?

Anyway, what the heck was I going to talk about here? Right. Tofu. I am not really sure why this caught my eye, because it sounds really boring, but it did and we made it and it's so stinkin' easy and yum. First we made pseudo sushi with just brown rice and avocados and umeboshi paste and whatever other veggie were around. Good. Then we made Warm Tofu with Spicy Garlic Sauce. Sounds boring, right? Well it's not, just don't forget the wasabi (oddly, I have been really into spicy food throughout...just NOT CURRY), which we recently realized you can buy powdered in the spice section of the grocery store for cheap. It's a little weird, but it's also not florescent green, which is ok with me. The meal is simple, you can put it on the table and snack on it all evening, and it feels good for you. Eat it up!

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