Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy at Night

So. Like most pregnant ladies, I am up many times throughout the night. Sometimes I find myself moving through the darkness to the bathroom thinking "Goodness, I can't wait until I can sleep through the night again." And then I laugh because clearly my brain is forgetting that even when my bladder returns to normal, there will be a little guy in our house who will probably want to party several times a night. Busy is definitely a night guy, but even so, sometimes I'll wake up and he's very, very still. I will lie there for a while and if he doesn't move, I start thinking "Hey Busy. Busy. How's it going in there? Are you sleeping? Give me a little kick for yes." And I kid you not, I can wake this guy up in no time. Is that mean? It's my own private party trick. For you Firefly fans, sometimes I look down at my belly and think, "Also, I can wake you up with my brain." Awesome.

Ok, enough of that. More garden stuffs, from blooms to fruits and other perennial fun. Happy Monday out there.

Baby cherry.

Baby peaches.


Strawberries. The same bed one year ago here (yes, there are strawberry plants in there).

1 comment:

cake said...

well. you guys might have a few strawberries this year. i have never seen such a large, lush strawberry bed! yay!

it is weird how the night waking during pregnancy prepares you for when the little one arrives, in a way...