Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Again?

Our Easter Eggs

I am having the sinking feeling that Tired on Monday might be a common refrain around here until Busy makes his arrival. Boy howdy, just like all the books said, I am feeling pretty fatigued all over again. Tired is not very Heather. Once, in the early days of B and H, I flew out of the house to meet B at his car and said in a rush, "I am so full of GO!" which made us both laugh and is now a common phrase between us. Suffice to say, Busy is currently using my Go to do jumping jacks at 3 in the morning. Plus, in an especially awesome move I wrenched the hell out of my back and can now appreciate how much that sucks! It's getting better though, I know it.

Anyway, enough with the complaining! Fortunately I have an awesome husband who, after I tried to mulch the strawberries and ended up in the house crying due to aforementioned back pain, put me in our super comfortable lawn chair and let me be Garden Queen while he did all the work. We (the royal version) planted yellow onions, red onions, and leeks. Quite a lot of them, actually (a move we hopefully will not regret), and started our first pot of fingerling potatoes. Everything is looking great - the peas are up, the transplants (baby bok choy, green cabbage, red cabbage, broccoli, broccoli rabe, kale, lettuces, chard) look great, and the seeded bok choy, lettuces, and beets are all popping up. No word from the carrots yet, but those gals take their time. We are working on timing, a tricky thing in a space constrained garden. Will the peas be done by the time the peppers want to go in? Etc. We are also trying to be better about succession planting so that we can stretch things like lettuce and carrots and beets, but we are not awesome at that yet.

The indoor germination has been really WEIRD. Last year, I swear that every single seed we put in came up, leading to much transplanting and thinning and over-agonizing about whether to put in 20 basil plants or just chuck a few in the compost pile. This year it is true that 1) we planted fewer seeds per pot and 2) my parents arrived right in the middle of the planting of these seeds (this fact in no way implicates them in the germination weirdness, for real). And you would think that two adults could manage to converse with guests while planting some seeds, but I think this is actually not the case. I know for a fact that a few of the cells that were supposed to have squash seeds in them did not in fact have any seeds in them, I checked after three weeks! Ha. ANYWAY, the germination was weird. All three basil in one pot up like bunnies, and none in the pot next door. Operator error? Soil too warm? Soil too wet? Hard to say. The only thing that we did not end up with enough of are sweet peppers. Which is kind of an enormous bummer because I think those are one of the riskiest plants to buy from A Stranger since they are so stinkin' fussy about when they see certain temperatures, etc. We have a nice bunch of ancho peppers ready to roll though. We did drown in peppers last year, that much is true, but damn, they were so yum. Anyhoo. I did seed a second batch so I haven't given up yet.

This is pretty much the first year that a lot of our more permanent crops are strutting their stuff, namely rhubarb, strawberries, asparagus, our one remaining rockstar blueberry bush, and hopefully a few cherries and peaches. We are still not allowed to eat any asparagus, which is very hard, but we will get to eat rhubarb and strawberries for sure. Gah, I am so excited. The asparagus literally grow in front of your eyes:

Ok, that is not really the same asparagus, but it really does grow that fast in one day. Swear.

I was not too pathetic this weekend to appreciate the absolutely stunning weather we had. Seriously: stunning. The flowering trees just exploded across town, along with quince, forsythia, daffodils, and hyacinths. Our peach tree is in full bloom (leading me to suspect we planted one that wants to live in a warmer zone, oops) and across to street the World's Largest Weeping Cherry is putting on the annual spring show:

Hello Spring. Please stay.


Wendy said...

Funny, I planted 5 year old seeds and Every Single One came up, three seeds per cell.

And yay for your asparagus! We haven't planted any yet, but really should get on that.

Heather said...

Well dang lady, I need some of your seeds! Ah well. The gardening rollercoaster. Hey, I was checking out your Easter Egg situation on your blog: wow, so beautiful!

Git on the asparagus, 'cause you have to be patient (read: not eat them) for a flipping eternity...

Thanks for the visit!


Anna Allen said...

heather, all this garden talk is making me super envious and giddy! ahhh...someday, someday i will have a big garden. i also had similar issues with my seeds. i have this feeling i got ahead of myself and forgot to plant a few seeds. and i think i accidentally killed my thyme. :( i think i'll just go ahead and re-plant it, though. also...ahhhh, i have to try planting potatoes!!! that is seriously cool. can't wait to see all of your produce!

cake said...

now i know what that tree is called. i always love to see them, but never knew the name.

our peppers were super slow, but most did come up...eventually. i put a heating mat under them. but, i think you do that too, right?

one thing to consider, if you end up with too many plants-- there may be a community garden that would love to get them, and would have space for them. i have been over seeding (a little bit) knowing that i can always give extras away.

and, i would say that you can never plant too many leeks.

Heather said...

Good idea about the community garden. We do use a heating mat - I actually think we may have had the soil *too* hot - we had placed a piece of foam board under the heating mat (I don't know why, I think to make them easier to slide around) and this really made things cook. Live and learn, thankfully the second batch is clipping along. I love spring!!!

Anonymous said...

I am trying desperately to identify a weeping cherry that looks just like the one you've photographed. Do you know exactly what type/name the cherry across the street from you is?