Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Flowers

My camera in no way captures the blue of this delphinium. Looking at it will give you a brain massage.

Hoo-boy. Hello Tuesday, you're here again already? Fine, be that way.

Things of note: in one week this baby will be Full Term, which is to say 37 weeks cooked. Busy is packing it on in there, I can feel it. The last two times I've gone in for my midwife checkups, I have only gained small fractions of pounds yet my belly measures ever larger. Sometimes when I am hungry at a funny time and B is surprised I say to him "Busy is eating all my food," and I think it's true. People are still telling me that I do not look pregnant from behind, which absolutely kills me dead, but does indeed capture the fact that this baby is riding high and dead ahead.

My mum and uncle came to visit this weekend and it was so much stinkin' fun. We ate lovely things and had a really sweet early birthday party for B and there was chocolate and my mom and uncle did every dish that even just got a dirty look from someone and my uncle taught B and me how to fix a leaky faucet and there was a lot of laughing really hard and complete goofiness involving a tennis racquet and a headband and various imported cabbageworm moths and I made them both pick strawberries for me. We are really lucky lucky lucky to have such people love us, it fills me to the brim.

Speaking of strawberries, we are in it over here. They must be picked daily and we are hauling in over a gallon a day. Let me just say that we did not expect this. I thought we might get some fresh berries for our breakfasts and maybe one batch of jam if we were lucky. Instead, I am hauling my super pregnant body off the couch and out into the front yard every evening and trying not to squish Busy too hard while parting beautiful deep green leaves in search of that ripe red color. So far the birds or bunnies or squirrels or whatever have only thrown down a peck here and there, despite dire warnings from Givers of Unsolicited Advice (otherwise known as the people who walk their dogs around our neighborhood). The plants are very definitely too close together though, as there are minimal signs of gray mold here and there. We need to thin them, but damn, these plants just put out more daughter plants! They cannot be stopped, and if we pick every day we can keep on top of it for now; we'll deal with it LATER. Last night as we were picking B said that strawberries will always remind him of waiting for Busy, just like cherries always remind us of our wedding. We are a family that marks big events with fruit.

Regarding said fruit, are there any strawberry sauce or jam recipes out there that I need to know about? I have been shocked senseless at the ungodly amount of sugar in most recipes. B and I mostly put fruit into plain yogurt or onto pancakes and waffles, so something that comes out pretty sauce-like is preferred. Anyway, hit me with your favorites if you have them. For now we are just freezing the berries until we have some free time...right.

May you be full to the brim.


Sloan said...

Take a look at pomona's (sp) pectin. I've got some you can have to test. Most pectin requires all the sugar to get it to gel properly, but pomona's is activated by calcium or some such mystical process. The upshot is that it can use 1/4 the sugar or even honey in the recipe. I'll bring you a box.

Heather said...

Hmm, I was eyeballing that at the store this weekend. Will it cause the fruit to be really set up? How important is the sugar to making sure you don't kill someone with your sauce six months from now?


P.S. How was the big boat?

leya said...

Wish I lived closer, I'd take some of those strawberries off your hands.

Love the part about strawberries forever reminding B of waiting for Busy. So sweet.


queenbeehoney said...

Yes, we did have fun fun fun. We ate a Lot of food. Thanks for all the good Southern cookin' and hospitality.

queenbeehoney said...

By the way, I am not hearing any tennis scores from down there. I am assuming that the moths are winning 60-love. I am also realizing that I didn't get any headband photos while we were there and Patrick looked so dang ridiculous in that thing!

Kala said...

Congrats on being full term! I know that feels different. I'm happily waiting for Busy too (even though I'm just a friend of one of your friends). I also loved the line about strawberries always reminding B of these days. My little one is five weeks old now, and I'll always remember our azaleas opening right on time for his birthday.

Heather said...

Thanks, Kala. Congrats on your little one; how is life on the other side? Azaleas are a lovely marker of a birth - there is one here in Asheville that I swear looks good enough to eat.


Anonymous said...

Hello, you don't know me, but I am wondering what kind of poppy was in your photo? I have the same in my rented yard and am in love with them. Thanks!

Heather said...

The package for these reads 'Oriental Scarlet Poppies' - kind o generic sounding, I know!