Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Too Tired

A Monday and I am not tired (insert little dance here). I tell you, I am not sure how one could make this happen again, but seriously putting your back out at about week 29, suffering miserably for several weeks, and then feeling put back together again at about week 33 sure does make this current phase of Really Pregnant seem a-ok. I'm just so grateful to be able to move around again, so what if it takes me three minutes and something of a sound show to get up off of the floor? I'm game.

Lessee. This weekend was lovely and windy. Windy is one of my least favorite weather conditions. I can't say why, I just do not like it. We had gusts up to 35 mph, so we are not talking about a breeze here. Anyway, we worked in the garden while hanging onto our hats. All of the starts have been planted except for the picky peppers (it's been chilly here at night), hopefully next weekend for them. The cuke trellises received some additional tinkering from B, the last of the potatoes went into their pots, and I spent the better part of an afternoon thinning the peach tree:

Ok, this photo has lousy depth of field, you'll have to believe me when I tell you that there are hundreds of peaches in there. Good grief. Thinning that tree was an exercise in focus; one branch at a time, no matter whether the branch just to your left is dripping with fruit, finish the one you're on, girl. I think fruit farming could break your heart. It's a lot of work and until you pack your glittering haul away there are about a billion things that could render your work for naught.

B got me a Mother's Day present even though I am not quite yet a mum. I got a nutmeg grater and some whole nutmegs - the man knows me so well. I love nutmeg. I have to be careful about refraining from putting it in everything. We had a sniff test between the freshly grated and the spice jar stuff and there was just no contest. Now I might really be dangerous. I think the nuts are so lovely:

OH! I can't believe I forgot: on Friday morning there was a rabbit digging trenches in our garden. I freaked out, chased the bunny around while growling, set some traps, went to work, did some reading, and now our yard has little cotton balls doused with fox urine hidden here and there. No sighting of Peter Rabbit since. May he be far from your garden too...

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queenbeehoney said...

Loved my Mother's Day card! You two make the bestest cards ever.