Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hello, June. Will you be the month that ushers in our son? We hope so.

I am still trying to get our camera to do these delphiniums justice. This photo is the closest yet. What color of blue is this? It makes me so happy.

We have picked so many freakin' strawberries, it is no joking matter. I would say that between eating and freezing and strawberry sauce making, we have probably picked over 10 gallons and the party rages on. At one point B turned to me and said, "You know, of all the berries, strawberries are probably not the berry I would choose to be inundated with..." And I had to laugh because I had definitely been thinking the same thing. We both like strawberries, but neither of us have ever been one to freak out for them. Granted, I think this is largely a response to the fact that most strawberries out there for the buying taste pretty weak, and most of them are dripping in chemicals, and chances are pretty good that most of them have been picked by folks getting paid Not Enough and being protected from said chemicals Not Enough. I have really been thinking about these folks as I bend and squat and reach each night. I am bushed after an hour of picking in twilight temperatures, I kind of can't imagine doing it day after day in the hot sun. I will say that we are definitely more excited about our bounty after I simmered up our first batch of strawberry sauce. Just berries, sugar (not that much), lemon juice, and time. We've been rocking it on ice cream, waffles and yogurt, and I know in the gray days of January next year we will really feel lucky.

Lessee, this weekend was really lovely. It was B's birthday for real, we had a waffle party with friends in town from Philadelphia, and we went to a wedding where we got to play a ton of music and two step the night away to a favorite band. Yes, I am 37 weeks pregnant and I can still hoof it around the dance floor, thankyouforasking. I did enjoy the heck out of the wedding, but I pretty much had to be dancing or get an instrument into my hands in order to escape the seemingly nonstop stream of questions and Extremely Dumb Comments about being pregnant. I have been really patient with this kind of stuff so far, and I have not had any weird experiences with strangers putting hands upon me or anything, but I kind of snapped this weekend and at one point B literally had to maneuver me away from the woman who, no shit, said, "So you're really not that proud of your belly, are you?" after I indicated that no, I would not be making a plaster cast of my belly. Then there are the "Were you due yesterday?" people, the "There must be triplets in there" people, and then a very large cast of people who just like to state the obvious: "Wow, you're pregnant!" or some other such brilliant comment. What is it about pregnant women that make people feel the need to blurt out body commentary? I promise you that I really did notice this belly already. Let me also say that people have said some seriously amazing things to me, and in all fairness I did chat up some very cool women at this wedding who either managed to have an entire conversation with me about Something Else, or we had a really great conversation about birth and kids and whatnot. So I guess I am just venting here because I can, and because I have spent the last 48 hours thinking about whether it's discomfort that prompts complete strangers to respond to a pregnant woman by saying "You're huge!" Also, my BFF says that I am cheery all the time on here, and I just want to make sure that you all know that I'm truly a snarky pain in the rear.

Now you know.


cake said...

that is a lot of strawberries! i don't know anyone with that many edible strawberries in their patch. you guys must know what yer doin'.

it is a strange phenomenon, how people talk to the pregnant. i kind of liked the attention, but it does get old. strangers also like to look at, coo at, and make dumb comments to the parents of, newborn babies. just warnin' ya.

Heather said...

Yah, someone else just reminded me that the Chatting Up isn't really going to go away once Busy arrives, but hopefully it will be less of the State the Obvious kind of commentary.

Beginners' luck on the strawberries - we barely even did anything nice for the soil! Crazy.

dietlind said...

you're our favorite snarky pain in the rear!!! and man oh man do i wish i was there to help you eat up all those greens. i love chard with chili flake and lemon juice and just a touch of olive oil sauteed as a side dish.