Friday, June 11, 2010

Keeping Busy Waiting for Busy

We pick this every morning...

...for our breakfast (homemade granola under there).

Hoo-boy, this last little bit of being patient is turning out to test my resolve to not rush this little guy. It has not helped that work has turned from end-of-semester insanity to mellow-summer-slowness. The hectic pace was wearing me out but I swear that sometimes I was so busy that I would literally forget that I was pregnant for a moment. Now, well, let's just say that it's on my mind and I realized earlier this week that if work wasn't going to distract me then I needed to make my own arrangements. B and I have been slaying weekend to-do lists like crazy in an effort to get Everything Done, but I pretty much finished up and realized that this is probably the worst time in the world to be knocking around the house feeling a little aimless.

So. First the books. I was slogging through this here book, which came highly recommended by a few people but I was HATING it. Like I had to talk out loud to B about hating it while reading, it was annoying me that much. Something about the long strings of sentence fragments reminded me way too much of a high school poetry reading. So I traded it in for some favorite fiction from my adolescence: Le Guin, McCaffrey, Bradley, L'Engle (interesting aside: I cannot, at this moment, think of very many favorite childhood authors who are male). I am already buried in this book and it is just what the doctor ordered. Of course, ladies die during childbirth in this world all the time, but whatever. I figure if I kill this pile of books I will bust out the Laura Ingalls Wilder and the L.M. Montgomery, and no, I'm not joking.

Second, the crafty. B really likes this mobile, but I'll be durned if I'm going to pay $62 for it. So we now have the stuff to make a mobile to hang over the changing dresser, probably black and white to start with and then we'll change it out for something brighter. Also, more curtains. I know, is it wise to sew while I'm with child? You know how I get. But it's the LAST set of curtains for the entire house, I know I can do it without getting too mental.

Third, the food. I have really not been into cooking lately at all. The heat, my feet, and the fact that our garden is bursting with fresh veggies have all conspired to put us on the front porch glider with an enormous salad on many, many nights. We do all the greens and carrots and peas and whatever's ready in the garden, with cheese, apples, salami, quinoa, and sometimes hard boiled eggs. It's so stinkin' good. But whatever, I need projects here, so yesterday I busted out one of these with our first gorgeous head of cauliflower from the garden. Oh man, it was soooooooo good. Note that I subbed sour cream for mascarpone, some edam and swiss for the gruyere, some milk for the cream, and all was well.

Fourth, the fruit. I canned jam! This was my first canning adventure, and I learned about 40 things all at once, generally in the "ok, so I wouldn't do it this way again" kind of way. Of course I had to go use extremely cute jars that are kind of fussy to work with, but only one of them didn't seal properly so I was not too sad (note: unlike standard canning lids, these are bpa free). I did not get the note that said "skim foam off of jam before filling jars" so my jam was all foamy on top and that did make me sad so I shook the hell out of them and now they are not foamy but rather just a little messy looking. Trust me, it's an improvement. I used Pomona's Pectin so I was able to cut way back on the sugar (with thanks to Sloan for the pectin delivery). I am still more of a sauce girl, but I figured I would go to some sort of strawberry hell if I did not make a few batches of jam from the 15 gallons of berries we picked. I don't know if I am a canner at heart, I continue to worry that I might kill or sicken someone. Maybe that goes away with practice??

So yeah. I am also learning more new tunes and we are sucked into a television show that I really never thought I'd watch. It ain't no Buffy, but it has its moments.

That's the plan over here. Keep busy. Try to nap a lot, since sleep while the sun is down has been super elusive lately. Jump up and down, keep an eye on the ripening plums up the street. Make a lot of dates, go see some World Cup games. Tell Busy about forty times a day that we're super excited to meet him.

Have good weekends out there.


cake said...

yeah! you canned! i always forget the skimming off foam part too, and it hasn't really hurt my jam. i love the cute, glass-lidded jars, but we can way too much to switch to those now. i comfort myself with the fact that the BPA is only in the lid, and, so, the food isn't sitting against it the whole time, like in a commercially canned product...

i love your breakfast! that's what i like to have too, but haven't made granola in a while, and can't bring myself to buy any!

can't wait to see your version of the mobile. i made a felted planets one for cosmo, before he was born, and it had clips that allowed me to change what was hanging. when he got into the black and white patterns, i put some of those on there, and he adored it.

damn that cauliflower tart looks yummy.

i always wanted to read mists of avalon, but eventually realized i never would. glad to hear you are enjoying it.

have fun with the waiting! won't be long now.


Anna said...

The last couple of weeks ARE so hard to be patient about. My obstetrician offered to induce me 'if I was bored' a fortnight before I was due and I was horrified ... If I hadn't gone into labour a day after I was due I would have gladly accepted that offer the next week when she was back at work :) Hang in there, it's so worth it!

oami said...

Looks like we had the same reading list as teens...did you read any Susan Cooper by chance?

Having been with my sister just before and during two of her three births, I can imagine how you are really won't be long.

Heather said...

Kayte, I knew you'd be proud of my canning achievement - I thought of you as I was gingerly tonging around hot jars and lids!! I think I will now be brave enough to finally can applesauce this fall.

Anna, I have heard of such things, eeeps! Fortunately I am not yet that impatient, but maybe time will change that? C'mon, Busy!

Hey Oami, how did you get here? What a nice surprise. I have *not* read any Susan Cooper, but I just looked her up and I bet I would love those too. If this guy takes his time I will crack those after The Mists of Avalon! Thanks for the suggestion.