Monday, June 7, 2010

Now I'm Ready

Can you tell from this photo what this weekend was all about?

Here are a few more hints:

Yup, cherries. This is the time of year when we stuff a ladder into our tiny car and scavenge the town for cherries. Until we finish, I am pretty much consumed with a mild panic that we might not get enough. What's enough? I can't really say, but it has to be enough for a goodly number of pies, crisps, cobblers, and now some brown betties. We are now in the safe zone, and basically now I am ready to have this baby. I kid you not, I had a talk with him and told him that his mama needed to put away the cherries before he could arrive. Fortunately fruit is early this year; these cherries are almost two weeks earlier than the last several years. How handy.

I definitely freak out over putting up other kinds of fruit, but not like I do with cherries. For one, you can't buy a fresh sour cherry around here; the best you can do are the mushy ones in a can. Two, in chatting with a similarly minded lady friend, I was reminded that sour cherries played a role in our annual family reunions for many years. There was a sour cherry tree on the family farm until it bit the dust, and every year we would pick that tree. Which honestly was completely thankless picking for an eight-year-old: sour cherries are not much of a hand fruit. But we'd give the cherries to my Gran and she'd disappear into the kitchen, and some hours later there would be this PIE. It was like magic: into the kitchen go these sour little things and out comes one hell of a pie. So I guess I still sort of think of cherries (and my Granny) as a pretty magical fruit (she's a fruit alright). I picked a couple of great sour trees out at work, and then we hit a pretty big tree that is kind of between a sour and a sweet cherry. Then we pitted cherries until my thumb nearly gave out, and then we picked our own strawberries and put those up and jeez with the fruit already, right?

Ok, vegetables then. We're on over here: broccoli, our first cauliflower, peas, carrots, and the usual cast of lettuces and greens and herbs. The fridge is just bursting, and the overwhelmed feeling I'm having is making me feel good about how much of our garden is dedicated to alliums and squash, oh patient storage crops. Last night we shredded some chicken and got to work making spring rolls. The ingredient list was as follows: peas, carrots, lettuce, mint, basil, cilantro, aforementioned chicken tossed in a basic Vietnamese dipping sauce (from this book, absolutely one of our favorites), and peanuts. We grew every single non-poultry non-nut item on that list, awesome. They taste amazing and we made a bunch for lunches this week.

Last, this week's bouquet: garlic scapes. We need to settle upon something besides chopping a few up in a salad. Maybe this? It sounds great, but at the same time soup is not really where my heart is right now.

May you be eating where your heart is at right now.


Anna Allen said...

oh man, heather. every time i read your blog i am blown away. ahhhh, i guess i keep saying that don't i? well, i am super impressed with all this gardening you've been doing. and this talk of cherries and strawberries make me pretty happy. :)

Anonymous said...

After clicking on your site the first thing I see is the red stains on what appears to be the floor and the words "Now I'm Ready". What's a guy to think but get to the hospital now! You gave me a thrill.