Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am in no way a grammar girl, but I have been fond of the gerund since realizing that it got me out of more difficult verb conjugations while learning Spanish on the fly in Colombia when I was 19. Holy hell, wtf is up with that sentence? I am just going to leave it there so that it can annoy me later.

Anyway, here are today's gerunds: pickling, catching, picking, playing.

With the pickling: we went to visit one of our favorite friends and musicians and he sent us home with a huge bag of okra and a bunch of beautiful corn. He has what is practically a farm in his backyard since he charmed his neighbors into letting him take over their backyards too. Anyway, we don't know what the hell to do with okra so we pickled it. I had forgotten how gorgeous okra blossoms are, and the plants are like long legged school girls.

With the catching: I don't believe I have bitched about it here, but we have had one chicken who has been escaping almost daily for months now, and then a few weeks ago she showed her trick to a gal pal and we've had two chickens escaping sometimes three times a day! Maddening. B and I have walked the perimeter of our fence about 600 times each, looking for places they could slip under. B thought they might be getting over, but I felt certain that was not the case. Anyway, we finally chose a day for the stakeout. B headed out there first and spent an hour playing fiddle tunes while watching: no luck. I then headed out with a banjo and a bottle of mosquito repellent and about 35 minutes later B heard me screech from the backyard. Turns out there was one tiny three inch strand of the fence that had torn, and those clever hens were slipping through. After months and months of this, it was a mighty fine feeling and we have not had to chase a hen since. If I'd known it was only going to take an hour and a half I would have done it sooner, righty-o.

Also with the catching: we are doing an extremely laid back version of EC with Osh, and I caught my first pee! Also resulting in something of a screech. We got a baby who hates to hang out in a wet diaper (smart baby), and I am down with the whole suggestion that training babies to be ok hanging out in a soiled diaper just makes for more work later. We'll see how it goes, sometimes it pisses him off to get held over a sink (smart baby).

With the picking: yesterday we picked about a third of a bushel of plums and cooked up some plum sauce. We are especially excited about this since last year a frost took out all the plums so we went without this fruit for the year. Someone has finally moved into the house where this magic tree grows, but I screwed up my courage and rang the dang doorbell and a very awkward teenager ran back and forth between me and my nervous request and some adult in the house and now we just need to go back and give them some sauce so that next year they'll say yes again.

With the playing: yes, this is how you practice the fiddle with a one-month kid. He is sacked out but not so sacked out that he wouldn't notice if he was no longer On Your Person. I think the only thing I was nervous about when we got ready to have babies was music. Getting enough music in my life has been a tooth and nail kind of thing. B can ignore his fiddle for months and pick it up and sound awesome. Not me. I have to practice and I have to keep thinking about it or it slides out of my head and onto my pillow at night. So far so good, I ate a whole new fiddle tune since Osh arrived. D tunes bite my ass. And yes, my hair looks very lame in this photo, I need a haircut like never before.

Tomorrow B goes back to work. He's going back a few days a week, and soon I'll go back a few days a week. Osh will have one of us all to himself for quite some time this way. We feel really lucky that we can do this together, I think it will be a good balance for all of us.

It's time to plant the fall garden, I can hardly believe it. Oscar will probably EAT some of these vegetables, how completely insane is that? We are planting the usual plus brussel sprouts this year. Yum.

Eat your greens.


queenbeehoney said...

Ben on Chicken Stakeout. Before I read the post, I thought he was giving the chickens a concert to improve egg laying!

queenbeehoney said...

Ummmm...plum sauce. Do you take the skins off or just cook them up with the whole mess?

Heather said...

Skins on: they are the best part. Come over and you can have some!!!

Becky said...

Ha ha, I learned to love gerunds while learning Spanish on the fly in Chile.

Nice Okra!

lotta said...

Hi Heather,

Its been a while again... First, that boy of yours is just magnificent. I am sure you are in heaven, enjoying every moment of him. Your writing oozes of warmth, health, and love. I am so happy for all of you. Laughed reading about the chickens, Reminded me about chicken run, I imagined the hens snickering about the humans staking them out to find their escape route. With much affection. lotta.

cake said...

i am crazy in love with that photo of you playing the fiddle with your precious baby on your lap. this bodes well for happy family life.

we just found some plums, and couldn't figure out what to do with them. plum sauce was all i could think of, too. so, what do you do with the plum sauce?

Heather said...

We like it on pancakes and waffles, but mostly mixed into Brown Cow plain yogurt! Let me know how it goes!



queenbeehoney said...

Johnny will be over for waffles and plum sauce next Thursday morning!