Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Midweek News

Our internet connection has been outstandingly craptastic lately, so getting here has been a bit of a challenge. Not to worry, this little family is keeping busy while taking it slow, if that's possible.

On the keeping busy front: we pulled out all the carrots and beets and beans and greens and flowers and sowed the majority of seeds for the winter garden. Made a tomato pie (note: use more tomatoes than she calls for, less cheese and salt), green enchiladas from CI (we are drowning in tomatillos), and we're still cranking on batches of pesto. Put up a half bushel of peaches, staring down the other half a bushel on the kitchen floor. Picked five gallons of blueberries (Osh's first berrying!) with plans to pick again this weekend (the berries are sooooo good this year!). Played a wedding in Tennessee for a friend, drove back over the mountains way too late for all of us, B and I talking deliriously of all things under the sun as though we had just met.

Uncle Shark, discussing the eating of Oscar with Oscar himself.

On the slow and sweet front, Osh has recently received visits from Grandpa T and GG (Grandma Gail), Grand Uncle Shark, and his Grampa Whis is motoring south as I type this. We pretty much sit around and make people agree that his little butts are the cutest thing on the planet. Seriously, there is nothing like baby tush. We have been lucking into family naps and good nights of sleep, and Oscar has been smiling like to break our hearts. I told my mom that I hoped the charm of his smile wears off a little because right now I'd give him the world if he smiled and asked. "What, you want to eat 8 chocolate bars for dinner? You got it." We have even been getting lovely afternoon and evening storms, the kind where the wind just sweeps away the 90+ degree weather and (for a moment) leaves everything cool and clean. Life is so fab, who needs the stinkin' internet when you can watch a baby listen to a storm roll through?


Smooches from the homefront.


queenbeehoney said...

Oh oh oh. The smile! You caught that just right. What I'd give for a baby hug right this very minute. Hey, you have to teach Whis to make pesto while he's there. We have basil out the ass here. I have big dreams of him becoming the Pesto King Bee. Lots of Gramma smooches for Mr. Juicy Butts.

cake said...

yeah! smiles to break your heart.

tomato pie sounds interesting. i think our kitchen looks a lot like yours in terms of lots of produce to deal with.

one way to move through a mess of peaches is to make fruit leather with them. super easy if you have a food mill, or something similar. but, still pretty simple, even if you don't. i store it in a ziplock, rolled up in parchment in the fridge, and it keeps indefinitely. maybe oscar could even try some of it someday!