Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two Weeks

This pose is so B that it hurts

Time is flying around here but we are doing our best to enjoy the hell out of every moment we can hang on to. Our friends have been loving on us with pans of delicious food and super fun visits (Hi Lucy!) and we got lucky and had a little family time with one of B's cousins and his awesome girlfriend-soon-to-be-wife, en route to Texas. It makes my heart swell to see this little guy snuggled up by folks we love. Oscar rocked the scale at the Baby Doc's this morning; he gained a pound in nine days, thankyouverymuch, and grew one and three-quarters of an inch. Long and strong, that's my boy.

A few things from these parts:

A strawberry rhubarb pie was made from ingredients we squirreled away in the freezer. I used this recipe and was not happy: I hate being able to tell when there is tapioca in a pie. I will try again next year.

Boozy Cherries, a treat made in the Waiting for Oscar days. Just brandy, sugar, and cherries: more than the sum of the parts, a sneaky treat on ice cream or just spooned out of the jar on a hot afternoon.

Crafty Papa: making a black and white mobile was on our list of things to do before Oscar arrived, and well, he was on time and we were not. So B has been stealing moments here and there to make a papercut mobile, and I must say: he knocked it out of the park. B does not tend to do art projects unless I ask him to (see our stunning wedding invitation), but once he gets rolling he's a house of talent. I am so psyched that having a kid will get him drawing and painting and building things. There are nine discs like this, and I'll try to get a shot of the finished mobile once we hang it; it's so cool and Osh loves it.

Dahlias are on. It's hot and dry here; the garden is hurting. We have a lot of empty space now that most of the alliums are out, and while there was talk of more carrots and another bed of beans, we sowed a cover crop and called it a day. We'll be lucky to deal with what's already growing out there...

More soon - may you all be dealing well with what's already growing out there.


queenbeehoney said...

Holy cow! What a great mobile, can hardly wait to see the whole thing! Oscar's hand in that photo is SO BIG. Head shape is changing too. And glad to hear that he is schmoozing it up with friends and family. Burn me a disk ~ I need more photos to fool around with and have thoroughly edited mine to death. How did I ever end up with this cheap crappy camera anyway? I used to be the family photographer and have become a hack. It's enough to make a girl cry. Tell the big big guy that I am missing him, and thanks so much for posting news.

cake said...

i know i wasn't baking any pies or working in any gardens in my early days of motherhood! you guys ROCK!

and i am so happy for you, i could cry. um...and maybe i have already? you two are really good at growing and making wonderfulness.

dig this chick said...

That mobile! Killer.

What a cute bug! Oh, geez I am impressed with all that you are growing over there.