Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Good grief the days are flying by. Work gets crazier, Osh gets bigger, the garden spills baskets of tomatoes and peppers and squash into our kitchen. It's still hot as hell but in the dead of night I can feel fall lurking in the shadows. In the wee dark morning hours I stand in the kitchen, drinking water and soaking up the sound of the katydids, my favorite hallmark of summer. Not long for them now.

My mum has been to visit, and I cannot say here how completely awesome it is to see your mom fall in love with your kid. They snuggled and rolled on the floor and he shined his gazillion watt smile her way and she was a goner.

We do not dress this guy very often, it's so friggin' hot that he's either naked or just barely, but one afternoon a chilly breeze rolled through and we played dress up...

That swirl. Effing. Kills me.

Who wouldn't be? The guy is so cool. Yesterday when I came home from work I flopped on the floor and read my book to him and he talked and smiled and wiggled himself to sleep and my heart nearly burst just watching his little (big) hands clutch and unclutch a piece of my shirt. We spend pretty much zero time trying to get him to sleep, he just has a loose routine and conks out regularly throughout the day. Nights have fallen into a steady pattern - snacks at 1 and 4 please, some crib time in the early early morning so that he can snort and snuffle as he pleases and we can sleep. Yesterday during the wiggling and smiling I found myself, really for the first time, thinking, "Oh god, he won't do this forever" and I had to try not to squeeze him too hard in my moment of panic and crazy desire to freeze time. That toothless baby smile will live in my brain forever as a piece in my collection of things that mean love.

Ya know, usual caveat about my camera making everything look like poo...

I have been baking like a freak. Fresh fig and honey cream galette, from my go-to fruit book. Brown butter peach bars (fucking labor intensive and dial back the sugar, but yum). Breastfeeding will do that to you I guess.

Speaking of breasts, can I just take a moment here to lament that my boobs are preventing me from wearing about 95% of my clothing? I feel that I was very patient with the sartorial sacrifices of pregnancy. I bought and wore two pair of pants for the entirety of the my-old-clothes-don't-fit stages (and they were identical). Two! For something like six months! You all know that I am a complete clothes whore, so let's hear it for my spartan success in this department. So, you know, I was mildly excited to open up the closet and don something from my life-as-a-skinny-girl. Forget it! Waists zip up with little protest, but good luck stuffing these gals into anything tailored. Even t-shirts feel a little shocking, after years of having boobs that were pretty much an afterthought. I look in the mirror and find myself thinking "Mmm, chesty." (Yes, I am a dirty old man about even my own rack.) ANYWAY. It will be cardigan weather soon enough, surely those will still fit?

May your favorite clothes fit today.


queenbeehoney said...

He is so cute with his little "mouse ear" bent down. How long did he keep the cap on?

You will miss all those naked wiggle sessions when the weather turns cooler. Maybe you can put one sheepskin on the bottom and one sheepskin on top!

cake said...

oh. that. swirl.


all the food sounds wonderful. i don't think we have any figs around here, but honey cream *anything* sounds amazing.

and, at least be happy that some parts of you fit into your old clothes. no parts of me did, and probably, never will. i'm making my peace with that. sort of.

dietlind said...

lemme tell you miss least yours are a temporary manifestation. i live the ongoing challenge of stuffing the gals into bras, into dresses, into buttondown shirts that don't peek open (pretty much never happens), and into nightgowns that don't then spring up past my knees. what i wouldn't give for afterthought boobs.

so sweet to catch up on you three and see pictures. i've posted a bit myself over at my new local. check her out when you have some down time. and lets have a phone date soon too. plus, need more details on oct.

Heather said...

Kayte, do you have that book? If not I will email you the honey cream recipe, it's so amazing. Honestly, it kind of overpowered the figs - I think you could do it straight up.

Diets, I need you to show me how to dress. To accentuate my Assets. I am lost. I'll be there soon for my consultation...

A. Bear said...

Hey there Heather
long time no . . . you used to baby sit me wierd. My mom forwarded me yoru blog maybe three weeks ago, and your adventures in food prep, gardening, and general living has become one of my things I love to read when I should be working. Great writing, and photos. Just thought I`d send a hey great job from Japan.

Happy new year.

Heather said...

ANDREW, is that you???!???!??@!