Friday, August 27, 2010

What Grew

Happy Weekend lovely people. I just enjoyed the phejezus out of two days at home with the kiddo. Work today and then a family day tomorrow, yay. As I write this Osh is most certainly being snuggled up by B's mom. Completely and totally fun to watch this guy charm a gal who has thus far just seen him in the sleepy newborn phase.

The kid is still a great napper, so days at home are a pretty delightful balance of playing or reading or walking with him and then kicking into Get Shit Done mode once his lids meet. I've been pickling red onions from the garden:

We've been baking with buckwheat:

So far we absolutely love this baking book. These are a slightly sandy (in a good way) buckwheat sugar cookie, rolled in poppyseeds. Perfect for tea time. The figgy buckwheat scones from the same book have been made multiple times and are so stinkin' good, I know they'll get made again and I will take a photo if they don't all jump immediately into my mouth. People who know how I feel about baked goods already know that I consider the fig to be one of the most underutilized yummy things in the world, ever, and buckwheat is just darn good.

We've been roasting squash:

And poblanos:

The garden saw some spectacular successes and a few failures this summer. We managed to really rock the storage crops; we grew well over a bushel of onions, an enormous bag of garlic, and about 150 pounds of winter squash. We also grew the first slicer tomato that really met our expectations (Paul Robeson, if you're curious) and finally met a paste tomato that kicked down the storm of tasty tomatoes we were longing for last year (Orange Banana Paste). In our misses, the beans needed a taller trellis, more diligent pest removal, and we needed at least two more rounds of plantings - no dilly beans this year. The sweet peppers had a hard go of it all around - late seeding and an outbreak of bacterial wilt left us with lots of red peppers but not the onslaught that we like. And then a few things just got away from us - the basil, for one, leaving our pesto stores slimmer than last year, and the cukes; many pounds of perfect pickling cukes eventually rotted in the fridge while we gazed at the baby. We also could have harvested our cabbages and carrots many weeks earlier but at least we ate those. All in all, considering the extreme heat, the dry spell, and the baby (who rocked his doc appointment last Thursday at 15 pounds, 25.5 inches thankyouverymuch), we are pretty happy. At this point we're pretty much down to eggplants and peppers for summer veggies; most of the beds are sown with peas and brassicas and carrots and beets. Welcome, fall, we're ready for you.


Alan said...

Saw the title and though "Yeah! the bango picking, sarcasic libriarian I loved to read is back!" and you lead with a baby photo. He is REALY cute, but...

Love to see what you are doing in the garden and the kitchen, thought the buckwheat scones looked a lot like something my pony leaves in the pasture. (I'm sure they are great...)

I'm getting the book on whole granis from the lib. (got to support them..., even if I have to pay huge late fees.)



queenbeehoney said...

I'm getting the book from the library as well, but since I'm number four in the queue and Alan racks up the late fees, it may be 2015 before it shows up! What an incredible haul of squash, it's freakin beautiful. And just in time for Osh ~ I think butternut squash is the quintessential first baby food. He's gonna love it.

I am missing missing those fig swirls, man they were fab. And so much prettier than the scones. I had an extreme case of Bash food withdrawal when we got home. I only got crumbs of Sue's macaroni and cheese, so I am still feeling deprived!

cake said...

i hear ya on the successes and failures. last year, there was no stopping the beans. this year, bugs, poor trellising, and the heat made the bean crop less than spectacular. it has been so hot here, and dry, that i couldn't get things like beets and beans to germinate properly, for fall crops. last year, i didn't have that problem. i am excited about your butternut squash, and all those onions! we ate our onion crop in a week. no storage.

i am amazed that you can keep up with the garden at all, with the new wee-one. you two make a pretty good team!

Zarah Maria said...

Holy phejezus (like you said) you must have been roasting squash FOREVER! ;) How much do you think'd cost to ship those beauties to Denmark? Also, could you (and other people) please stop plugging for that Good to the Grain book? I may just have to buy it already...
(And while I've gone on and on about being envious of your garden, don't get me started on being envious of your great napper. Grrrr. Actually, mine is okay too. On some days. Then there are the days when he does NOT want to sleep. Like, at all. Grrrr, again.)

Heather said...

Ok Alan, what are you saying, that I am not sarcastic anymore? That becoming a mother has left me without an edge???? Sniff. Don't fret, I am the pain in the ass I've always been.

I should clarify that we didn't roast ALL of that squash. Just an ovenfull. Here's hoping we have figured out how to *store* all of these crops...

elisabeth said...

He's looking sharp in the fish romper. What a cutie.

romarlin said...

Hi Ben and Heather and Baby O. You all look wonderful. I return to your site for updates, recipes, inspiration and joy. I feel like I know you from afar. I am dazzled by the baby, the garden - oh those butternut squashes and the treats.

Many blessings, which it is clear that you already have.


Auntie Ruth