Friday, September 24, 2010


Oi! I have never been so busy in my life. Swear. I book it through work like an athlete these days, literally fueling up and making sure I stay hydrated. Effing madness. I crash into my days off with Osh with such gratitude. This morning I snuggled and tickled and munched on the boy, talked to my best friend, talked to my mom, did two loads of laundry, and am now catching up with bills and whatever while the squish naps.

I have been really bad about pointing our camera at anything other than the kid. There's good stuff in the garden - beautifully lush fall greens, speckled lettuces, blooming peas, tall beets... There are even billowing orange cosmos and melt in your mouth peach dahlias. You'll just have to believe me this year, the baby cheeks are too much competition.

Happy Weekends out there.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Do I say this every year? That I can't believe it's September? That despite my fervent wishes for Summer to break, I am still surprised when Fall starts nipping at the door? Probably.

I like September. It's a month of anniversaries for me. In two days it will be three years since B proposed to me in the garden. A few days ago it was a year since I first picked up a fiddle and started scratching out bowing patterns. And in a week and change it will have been a year since we started making Oscar. Marriage, music, baby; riches of fall.

Happy September out there.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Buried with Baby

Kids, I am still buried. Buried in trying to be completely present when I am home with my guy(s) and buried up to my neck in classes and committees and projects when I am at work. I know I owe a lot of very awesome people phone calls: hang in there with me, I am thinking of you.

From the Frying Pan, Heather

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Take It to the Floor

I ain't got no photo, I ain't got no recipe, link, or book to recommend. But I got a laughing baby.

Yup, yesterday at 6:30 in the evening the kid giggled. Like a real giggle, throaty and scale climbing and magical. B and I looked at each other in wide eyed shock and then we both fell over on the floor laughing. When we wiped our eyes and sat back up, the kid did it a second time, which laid us out on the floor all over again. I nearly cried for real at that point. There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, like a baby laughing at his papa acting like a wild boar/rabid pig/generally insane growly beast.

When I left for work today I quashed feelings of sadness knowing that I was probably going to miss more giggling, and a half an hour ago I picked up the phone and heard nothing but snorts and responding giggles in my ear. Love those boys.

May you encounter a wild boar at your house soon.