Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Take It to the Floor

I ain't got no photo, I ain't got no recipe, link, or book to recommend. But I got a laughing baby.

Yup, yesterday at 6:30 in the evening the kid giggled. Like a real giggle, throaty and scale climbing and magical. B and I looked at each other in wide eyed shock and then we both fell over on the floor laughing. When we wiped our eyes and sat back up, the kid did it a second time, which laid us out on the floor all over again. I nearly cried for real at that point. There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, like a baby laughing at his papa acting like a wild boar/rabid pig/generally insane growly beast.

When I left for work today I quashed feelings of sadness knowing that I was probably going to miss more giggling, and a half an hour ago I picked up the phone and heard nothing but snorts and responding giggles in my ear. Love those boys.

May you encounter a wild boar at your house soon.


queenbeehoney said...

When I walked into Max this afternoon, John said, "Guess what I got to hear today?" And then he proceeded to regale me with the story of Osh's deep belly laugh over the phone. I might have gotten a call at home but I was busy getting naked in the shower with an eighty-seven year old man, scrubbing the bee-jesus out of his scalp after cutting his hair. (Just so you know what I'm expecting in the future.)

leya said...

Yay Osh! Felix is holding out on the giggle still. What gives? Tell B to bring his hilariousness up this way and show us how it's done. I need a giggle stat!

judith said...

I still remember Sarah's first true lookin me in the eye chuckle: she was nursing.

so happysad with you at this 'every moment counts & I am missing some' time. love you.