Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Wouldja look at that sticky bun? Ain't it gorgeous? My husband made that. I have mentioned a few times that B has been heading into Real Baker Land. It started with bread, then bagels, then some scones and muffins and cookies, and now some absolutely kickass sticky buns. Like, I am extremely picky about yeasted sweets, and these absolutely knock it out of the park. He has started selling goodies at our local markets, the brick and mortar kind and just today he is headed to his first farmer's market. I am so excited for him. First, the stuff he is bringing is so absolutely unique and yummy and totally organic. Second, he will have the cutest baby in the world with him as the ultimate prop. After work I am headed straight there and I can hardly wait to see them doing their thing. I am secretly hoping that he doesn't sell all those buns so that I get to eat one.

We are actually just back from a work trip to Savannah. We had a fantastic time there - the weather was amazing, we found excellent food, and Osh was a traveling champ. We got to stay in a hotel so of course we all went swimming multiple times; jeepers swimming with the baby is so totally fun. We also went on our first Real Date since June 23, 2010. GG and Grampa T took the baby and B and I went out for a stunning dinner and walk. It was so great! I did have the extreme misfortune of putting my neck so far out of whack that B actually asked me all the questions you ask someone if you think they might be having a heart attack. For real. Thus my last night there and the drive home were pretty much the definition of hell, but they are over now and my chiropractor is slowly putting me back together (seriously - do not pass me on the left, I can't really do a head check for you). I tell you, this baby having thing does some crazy stuff to a body.

There are about 900 other things to say about the garden, the chickens, some crazy big changes possibly coming up, our trip to Boston/Portland soon, my mom and my John coming to visit tomorrow, the amazing book I'm readying, the fact that my husband started reading Tolstoy right when we had Oscar, how it's really FALL now and my baby looks so stinkin' cute in a coat that I could die, and more, but that goofy list will have to suffice.

Smooches on cheeks to you all.


Anna Allen said...

this post is completely delicious. sounds like life is goin' good. now i'm hungry. ;)

queenbeehoney said...

Can hardly wait to see you all. The pics and videos are my joy, but they don't compare to the real thing. I am going to eat that baby up!

cake said...

amen Re: the things having a baby does to your body! well, for me, it could just be plain 'ol aging...

so jealous of B for taking the plunge, and hawking his wares. i wish him the best of luck. doing what you love is the way to go!