Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hello November

Browned Butter Pecan Teacakes with Chocolate Bits

Well where the hell did October go anyway? I am starting to get "where-are-you" emails from people I don't even know so I thought I'd better resurface and confirm that we are still kicking over here.

Last month was so rad. I finished the first book to speak of since we had a baby and boy howdy was it a good one. Our little family picked up and flew our way to Boston for a really special wedding. This was Osh's fourth wedding since he was born and he rocked the party and then slept through the party as it is a baby's right to do. While there we gunned it up to Portland and he met some super important people. The leaves changed. The garden greens grew into waving clusters of cabbages and broccoli and kale. We decided to move. B's baking ventures went from a dabble to something of a real business. The first frost came so we picked all the flowers and enjoyed bright bouquets for days. Halloween came and despite my disbelief that my own mother would send me a premade costume (she was a hardcore "we make our costumes" kind of mum) once we dressed the little guy up he was shockingly hilarious.

Yah, did you catch that in there? We're moving. It's so crazy and unexpected that I can't even really motivate myself to explain it. All you need to know is that now I'll get to see my boys for lunch. And snacks. And hikes. And any other old time during the day that I like. Stay tuned.


Anna Allen said...

hi lady! sounds like you're a busy mom! your little boy is the cutest ever and what a costume! awesome. and moving?? do tell!

queenbeehoney said...

I think I should get some points for the costume being 100% cotton. I know he thinks you should let him wear it every single day as it makes him look unbearably cute, but you are mean mean parents.

ps. thank you for the photos on Halloween eve. made my day, especially the one where you are cracking up.

Kelly (The Sorry Gardener) said...

Glad to hear that good things are happening to good people. Can't wait to hear about your new adventures. Those are some damned fine-looking cookies. And Osh is going to be having his own wedding at the rate he's growing.

sk said...

That's wonderful! Are you moving on-campus? If I was still there I would be collecting your trash & recycling. Hope the move goes well, and that's REALLY exciting!

cake said...

it all sounds very exciting. and those tea cakes? yum. also, i still envy B's courage to sell his wares.

very cute baby, in a very cute costume.

dig this chick said...

I reread the deciding to move part a few times thinking I wasn't getting it...are you moving away? Or across town? Oh, you said to wait. I am not good at that.

Lovin' Osh