Monday, December 26, 2011

Headed South

We're off! We've packed, we've cleaned, we've left the keys with loved ones. Puerto Rico here we come. Looking forward to sand in our toes soon.

So this is a parting gift to any other breakfast lovers out there. My gal Leya asked for this recipe so now you all get it. We schemed up these waffles (or pancakes if you wish) back when it seemed like Osh would never get into solid foods and he loved these right away. These are superfood waffles, and this recipe is for a crowd (or we mix it up and store the batter over a few mornings).

Sweet Potato Zucchini Waffles

3.8 ounces all purpose flour
3.8 ounces spelt flour
2.5 ounces oat bran
heaping tablespoon wheat germ
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
scant 3/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
scant 3/4 teaspoon ginger
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon clove
2 eggs
11 ounces buttermilk
6 ounces milk
4 ounces oil
1.3 ounces molasses
4 ounces grated zucchini
6 ounces cooked, mashed sweet potato

Combine dry ingredients, combine wet ingredients, gently mix wet into the dry. Depending upon the consistency of your buttermilk (we get a kind that is super thick), you may have to tinker with a bit of milk or flour until they are perfect.

Ok so I know not all of you own cooking scales - I think you can find equivalents out there on the intertubes pretty easily. However: we lovelovelove our scale. We use it constantly, and avoid so many dishes by doing so. This is the one we have, not pricey and it has been humming along for years now.

Diets and Osh

Oscar hanging with Aunty Diets last week. Kid was absolutely mad for her. Mad, I tell you. He is still asking about her. She and I baked and made art and walked and generally did not do much while doing quite a lot. The Squish has been loving our guests. My very oldest girl and her boy were also just here, and he was pretty darn psyched about that (more on what they brought for him later).

Be well out there. Catch you in 2012.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wrap wrap wrap

Gah! Blerg! So busy! End of semester! Everyone just got a little sick but we all got better real fast! It is super bizarrely warm here! The straw mulch we bought it full of seeds and I am mad as hell about it! Yah, can you tell it's the last day of classes here? And that my BFF is headed this way for a visit as I type this? And that I just performed some serious ass kicking on stuff in my office that I'd been strategically avoiding all semester? Darn that feels good.

I have been so completely suckface about taking photos, there is no excuse, but I am putting up two that my mom took at the wedding we went to in DC. How hilarious is a toddler in a dress jacket?

Fwow- ers

People at this wedding that I had not seen since I was a girl kept thinking that I was my mom. So funny.

Love this Girl

What can I say? Oscar is talkingtalkingtalking. Gone are the days when we can keep track of what he knows. Today he dunked his spoon in my tea and pronounced "Dipping!" Who taught him that? He is crazy about helping, I tell you: a request for help will pretty much avert any meltdown. He helps us unload the dishwasher, puts things in the recycling, can be coaxed into moving clothes from the washer to the dryer, and will generally just about burst with joy if you ask him to put anything away. In fact 'away' and 'back' are two of the busiest words around our house.

We have been cranking out holiday goodies like crazy. With one exception (ok, and a few babies), we committed to giving only food this year. Our holiday toasted-sesame-chocolate-almonds are insane, but the peppermint bark came out a little squishy. Sorry folks, get prepared to lick your fingers.

Did I tell the intertubes that we are going to Puerto Rico? Can I get a wtf on US spellcheckers everywhere having a problem with that word? Anyway, yes, headed on our biggest adventure yet, coming soon. But first, some eat, drink, and merriment with a couple of rounds of guests.

Enjoy out there, enjoy.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Oooooo boy, we had family in town and it was grand. B and I had a date and even got around to playing some tunes. Our uke player has excellent rhythm but kind of has trouble sitting still for longer than five minutes. Right.

Also, there is a Christmas tree at our house. Makes my day about fifty times a day.

Family Band

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Big Blues

This little boy:

Is obsessed with the moon. For a while it was parked outside his window right at bedtime, and he has been looking for it every night (and many mornings) since. "Moon? Moon? Moon?"

Has been experimenting with volume. Boy's got some pipes.

Is extremely into drawing, or sometimes just watching us draw. We love these crayons. He's almost as psyched to put them away as he is to get them out.

Has been eating like a starving horse. We are talking massive quantities of beans and grains and veggies and eggs and pasta. Massive.

Is so tall that half of his shirts are crop tops. I secretly love easy tummy access for smooching and tickling.

Still loves a good dance party and will request it with a "Boogie??!??" - an ask nearly impossible to refuse.

May you boogie soon.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Reds

Japanese Maple

The reds this year are knocking me off my feet. Heart-stopping, mouth-watering, brain-massaging, glorious. I love where we live.

Tupelo Leaves

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Small Boy

My Boy

I love this photograph beyond measure. My small human, how you grow.

My Boy Two

Oscar loves this striped shirt so much that he refuses to wear a sweater over it. Not like he really "wears" it either. He either stretches it over his head or behind his neck...

My Boy Three

...or over his face entirely. You can't hear it through this blogathingy, but he is giggling madly under there.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We Are Already Spelling Things

Ok, I am getting daily emails from people (you know who you are, people) who are "tired of looking at a handful of beans." Sorry, sorry. They are really good beans! And we've been muscling through a hard couple of weeks in the sleep department. I think things are on the mend though, and we feel pretty ready for the evil time change.

Tiger on the Move

Aside from our sleep woes, things have been really great at Chez Stewart Harvey. We enjoyed the phujeezus out of my oldest friend's wedding, we planted three pounds of garlic, we got visits from two uncles, one aunt, and Oscar's main squeeze, we turned three bushels of apples into applesauce, and Oscar's vocabulary and interest in doing stuff is growing daily. Little Mister turned the crank on the applesauce peeler for at least a bushel of those apples and he his happiest standing on a chair in the kitchen with some sort of task (ideally water related, ahem). He's started to put things away ("'way!") - books, shoes, jammies, etc., and we've reached the point where we have to spell the word 'walk' because when he hears it he heads over to the door, grabs his shoes and jacket and begins to holler "walk! walk! walk!" Yah, even if it's five minutes before bedtime, the kid lives for being outside. On that note - any tips in the toddler glove department? We need to gear up for the cold. Maybe we'll just have him wear that tiger suit, it's got mittens and a hat! (Aside to my mother: ok, he is stinking cute in that suit but you swore it and I'm putting it here for proof: no more prefab costumes! Starting next year I will officially be a Really Bad Mom if I don't make my kid's costume. Mothering ethics, I tell you.)

Tiger Boy

Tiger Loves Elliott

Cute, right? At some point yesterday he just walked into my office in this getup and deadpanned "rawr." As he stood looking at me I could hear B busting a gut around the corner. Good times.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eye of the Goat

Eye of the Goat

We have been making such delicious food from this cookbook with these beans. The kid will eat pretty much anything with beans ("BEANS!!!") - so beans it is. Some of the recipes sound a little weird (beans in tomato sauce?) but we have yet to be disappointed.

We head to DC soon to see my oldest friend get hitched. We'll get to see my mom and Johnny and a couple of really old family friends. Can't wait. I want to eat Ethiopian food and sleep while the grandparents play with the baby. Aim high, young mother! Snort.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Days

We are back with the molars. Numbers three and four have finally poked their craggy peaks through, and not without some cost in the sleep department. We are also determined to push the sleep back, both for my sanity and in light of the upcoming Evil Time Change. Wish us luck, it's all a little crazy sometimes.

Oscar loves this broom. Yesterday he walked all the way down the street with it, my tiny street sweeper. I know Maria Montessori would want me to get him one his own size, but would be as hilarious? I think not.

Street Sweeper 1

Street Sweeper 2

The photos above and below were taken right after his nap. His face is so open just after he wakes and at times I think it's the best window into what he might look like as adult. Kills me.

Conductor 3

Conductor 1

Conductor 2

Monday, September 26, 2011



Doesn't he look like a tiny little boxer?

Fall fall fall. It is raining acorns where we live, nights are cool, the butternuts are curing, and the red enameled soup pot is pretty much always full of soup or applesauce. We are outside whenever possible, more and more walks instead of strolls, although you gotta plan for Mister Meander and Mister Social. Our guy wants to sniff every flower (oh the theatrical sniffing that goes on!) and visit every human, dog, and cat we see. He will say "bye-bye" for about 15 minutes if you're game.

Fall Osh

Molar number three appears to be taking a break and I would like to personally thank it because I got to sleep in until 6:40. I think I got over eight hours of continuous sleep!

Oscar is giving kisses these days. Pucker up and wait for it, it is the sweetest little wet smooch. He is talking like crazy: mama, dada, bubble, apple, flower, water, shoes, socks, dog, kitty, cracker, BEANS (for some reason he always shouts this word), baby, BB (as in Gramma BB), walk, diaper, pepper, banana, wow, uh-oh, poop, pee, on and on. Obviously half of these words are soundly mangled, but you get the idea. B and I realized that we would have to decide what his first word was since so many arrived all at once and the verdict was: bubble. May you blow one, bathe with one, or otherwise enjoy one soon.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Catch Up

Four Generations

Holy shit, it takes me so long to get here sometimes. How about just a highlight since last we spoke? Right then, my mum and Granny came to visit us. I don't feel inclined to emote in this space very much any more, so just hear me when I say that this is a very big deal, all four generations of this line sitting at our dining room table eating barley soup together. It was so awesome that quite frankly I've been in a sour little funk since they left. Maybe when they hear that they will come back? I would like that a lot, and so would a certain little boy who was also rather blue when he realized that his doting Gramma B and Granny were gone for good.

Baby Grabbing

Monday, September 12, 2011

Arghlemurph. You win some you lose some. It's Monday, and I'm tired and suffering from an annoyed, distracted feeling that when focused upon reveals to be largely irritation with the extremely bad haircut I got on Friday. I am generally pretty laid back about hairs - I have a lot of them and good grief they are just hairs, but this haircut is so far from what I requested that I'm having trouble making peace with the 6000 layers flying around. I think they want attention and hair goo and a blow dryer. Not happening.

Also, the kid has kissed the six o'clock wake up goodbye. We're telling ourselves that it has to do with molars, but I'm not sure that it makes reading 4:58 on the clock any more pleasant. I confess that I harbor some guilt over this situation. The kid goes to bed like a champ and then sleeps all night without a peep and then I want to hassle him over an hour or forty-five minutes? Plus as a working mom there are kind of two sides of this situation. One: holy shit go back to sleep I am tired and have to go to work in three hours. Or two: Good morning, I am so psyched that you are awake because now we can hang out for three! whole! hours! before I have to go to work and miss seeing your shining little face. He is so freakin' fun in the morning. All the words come out and he is snuggly and funny and pretty much the brightest thing ever. Anyway, I think I would be doing better accessing number two if it weren't for the looming reality of The Evil Time Change. When I am Queen there will be no stinkin' time change and I will be the patron saint of those with small children and farm animals.

Basil Pinchings

Still no camera, so you get a photo that has probably already been on here once: basil. This weekend we made the last of the pesto for the winter and put up our first batch of applesauce. Warm applesauce, yes please. I love fall.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Again

Let me say it here so that I don't forget: it is Monday and I feel rested. Our weekend was unplanned and I had only one sort of to-do written on the whole two days. I took long morning walks with Oscar both days, something I enjoy so much. We identify plants (Oscar: "Fwowah!") and he climbs all over certain spots and he walks a lot and we visit certain neighborhood dogs (Oscar: "Doooooaaaa....wah wah wah grrrrrr!") and cats (Oscar: "Tit-ty...mrow mrow mrow!"). His language is pretty much an endless source of hilarity, as it is unpredictable what he will take a go at saying. I think 'pepper' is my favorite so far. He is so cool.

We did something evil to our camera while in Maine, so some photos from that trip will have to stand in here again. Hope all the Mondays are great out there.

jammy boy


sexy mama

windy mam

family portrait


Monday, August 29, 2011


Good Grief, time is in fifth gear around here. The baby is making molars, work is beginning-of-the-semester insane, B is busy with music students again, and fall is tripping over itself to get here. Oi.

I am reading this, while also reading this and parts of this. I am completely effing obsessed with watching this, I think I have watched it about 50 times now. Which led me down an extremely captivating rabbit hole of Dylan trivia as well as footage of things like Dylan and Johnny Cash singing together. Go there.

This is us three years ago playing tunes at an extremely awesome wedding just a few weeks after our own extremely awesome wedding. Thanks for the photo, J & S!

JP Wedding

This is us in Maine this summer. Thanks for bringing us instruments, P & J!

B and H

Guitar Heater

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Land

Peabody Dock

Peabody Osh

We are home from Maine. I am refreshed and completely frazzled at the same time. Fall is in the air here and I wore socks today for the first time in months. I'll try not to swamp this space with baby pictures, but I am warning you that there was a great deal of cuteness happening last week.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Osh and His Bike
We fly to Maine tomorrow for a week on a pond with B's family. I am so swamped at work that I kind of can't believe I'm checking out for a week. Or decide if this is the best time ever for a vacation or pure insanity. We'll find out.

This video that my mom took of Oscar has been keeping us in stitches. He laughed like that all afternoon and then never again.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


An awesome visit was had.

Ben and Osh 2

A lot of good talking.

Ben and Osh 1

Many amazing meals were made and eaten.

Ben and Osh 3

And the boy is officially walking. In less than a week we went from counting steps (2! 6! 10!) to measuring distance ("Across the room!" "Across the room, turned around, and halfway back!"). Does this make my baby a toddler? I guess so.

Be well out there.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Captain Osh

Tub Stander

Kid took his first step yesterday. How I will miss it when he stops crawling; there is just something inexplicably delightful about a baby hauling ass on all fours. Fortunately for me I think there's still a little time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wheat & Teal

Grain 2

Dieppas 1

Grain 1

Dieppas 2

It is really hot right now. Like the first real days of summer, even late summer, are here. We are much more active than we might normally be during a heat wave - the kid is happiest with lots of time outside, so outside we go and hot we are. The boy is pure joy these days. He is signing like bananas: milk, water, eat, down, all done, more, bath, toothbrush, hot, cold. This morning he signed for water while standing in front of the washing machine as it filled, the first time he's used it to mean something other than water for himself, and I felt his brain grow as I signed back: yes, water. Yesterday he showed me a spider gliding down from the ceiling, and as I held it in front of him so he could check it out he looked at me questioningly and signed for eat. Good thought, little man, but no spider eating this morning. We harvested and are curing an official riches of onions. Really, really big, beautiful onions. Where will they go? Our small pantry closet is now occupied by two small refrigerators for B's bagel making. We will figure something out. In a few days my uncle comes to visit, I am really happy about that. And in less than three weeks we head to Maine for a week with B's family and time with my girl there. Excited. Lastly, I love my blue shoes. Stay cool out there.

Monday, July 18, 2011




Friday, July 15, 2011


Another vacation highlight: Oscar was completely taken with cousin Adam. You can see why. Osh climbed all over him like a tiny determined mountain climber (or WWF wrestler), and Adam just observed it all with great calm and grace. Even the nose pinching...

Oscar and Adam

Oscar and Adam

Oscar and Adam

Oscar and Adam

Oscar and Adam

Two beautiful boys. Come visit us soon Adam, we promise not to let Oscar pull your nose off!