Thursday, January 6, 2011

Birthday Girl

Yesterday I turned 34. I liked 33 a lot, but I'm game for this number too. I have always thought that birthdays were really more about the mamas who birthed those babies, and now I really think that. I call my mom on my birthday, and Oscar, you better call me on yours. Speaking of Oscar, he gave me a birthday present that pretty much eclipsed all the other extremely awesome things that happened yesterday: one, he slept for six hours straight without a peep that night and two, he put himself down for a nap all by his little self. I know I have readers who are probably like, bfd, but I know I also have readers who get just exactly how priceless it is to be able to put your kid in the bed and leave him there for a snooze. I danced a jig in the livingroom that nearly left me wounded, I was that excited. We have been hanging in there as cheerfully as possible, but the last two months or so have been a real ride in the sleep department. Moving, teeth, new motor skills, who knows. So, you know, thanks for the sleep, kid, you made your mama greet the day with serious zeal.

Fresh faced family after a kicking hike. Oh the faces we make to get this kid to smile at the camera.


Anonymous said...

You have the skin and hair of a 25 year old and eyes that seem to hold HUNDREDS of years of wisdom. Intriguing.

leya said...

Hot diggity dang! Happy Birthday to you, sweet friend. I hope it was splendid, something tells me it was. Would LOVE to join in on one of those beautiful hikes someday. The hiking in Philly is just not what I want it to be ;)


queenbeehoney said...

Great family photo! And thank you for the Mama call ~ I'm usually up at 6:30am thinking about you, but this year I was snoozing away.

What I wouldn't give for a video of your celebratory jig. Knowing you, it is a wonder you didn't wake the boy!

Have I told you recently how much fun it is to watch you being a parent?

Kelly (The Sorry Gardener) said...

I'm not sure that first comment can possibly be beat, so I'll just wish you a very happy birthday. Glad you're getting settled and posting more frequently.

viggie said...

Happy birthday!

dig this chick said...

Happy birthday, friend. I never thought birthdays were about the mom until I had kids and then changed completely. It's so about the mom! I get it. ALSO you know I get the sleep thing! Great gift indeed.