Sunday, January 30, 2011

Well That's Good

Thursday night the kid started sleeping through the night. Just like that. I was so incredulous that I spent most of the night awake wondering what the hell was going on. Also, my boobs were a little startled by the turn of events although they are slowly getting the message. I can feel sleep flooding into the craggy underslept parts of my brain and boy it is good. B and I just finally decided that Osh was ready to work it out on his own and the little guy did not disappoint. How we love our bean, our string bean really - 28.5 inches long by latest measurements.

P, the shoes are a big hit...

We had grandparents in town this weekend so a date was had. Awesome. We went to see this film and absolutely loved it. Loved it despite fingers getting chopped off even. The language was absolutely hysterical. Thanks for the date GG and Grampa T!

Sadly, the new book, while better than the last really bad book, is not my thing. I can only handle so many ending paragraphs that take you through the last 50 years of someone's life. Just like that! Uh, I read books to understand the that. Anyway.

Figgy buckwheat tea cakes, possibly my favorite thing B makes theses days. May you be eating something equally yummy this fine Sunday morning.


queenbeehoney said...

Are those figgy tea cakes from 'Good to the Grain"? I just checked it out of the library again after waiting five weeks. I'm more ready this time ~ got millet flour, buckwheat flour, cornmeal. Seems like I'm always missing some essential ingredient though.

Glad you got out on a date, and SO glad that Osh has figured out he's supposed to sleep at night instead of keeping his parents awake. Like I tell all my mattress customers, there really is nothing that renews like a long romp into the old unconscious. Sweet dreams.

EndyFam said...

Hooray for sleep!! (I wish I were getting more of it..)

I cannot believe your boy is 7 months! ack! that is awfully close to...oh, nevermind! Enjoy your newfound slumbers!

Kelly (The Sorry Gardener) said...

Well, alrighty on the revised book opinion. I seem to be on a string of duds myself. Thanks for the update, and enjoy your longer sleeps.