Friday, February 18, 2011


Ok, we interrupt this baby channel to talk about another subject: footwear. It's February and yesterday it was almost 70, but I have finally found my winter boots. I really wanted something a lot easier to get on and off but in the end the Maine-y-ness and the waxed canvas won my heart. Just thought you all should know.

Also in the tidbit category: I had yet another popcorn breakthrough a few days ago that I can hardly keep from leafleting about. Crack the lid. Yup. Awhile ago I noticed that our popcorn was chewy if we left it sitting with the lid still on after it was popped. Roll footage of me thinking deeply here. So the next time I made popcorn after a good layer of popped kernels were afoot, I finished the job with the lid cracked. All kinds of steam came out! Steam that would otherwise be de-crunching your popcorn! Then we ate the best bowl of popcorn ever known to us. Try not to fall off your chairs out there, ok?

Right. This made me feel more garden sadness. You know that-there celery is knockout, and if you don't believe that celery can be knockout then we can't be friends.

This, on the other hand, freakin' made my day. I was immediately called to remember a certain photo of me at about age five, wearing nothing but too-big high heels and a long string of pearls. In the middle of a health food store. Not that any of you would need to see the updated version, but seriously.

Our mail has been stolen lately. Mail that we have sent to other people has been getting stolen too. This makes me wave my arms around and wail. So if any of you sent us something awesome and we didn't say anything about it, now you know why. Grr.

The world has discovered B's bagels. Game on, man can crank out a serious spread of these suckers. It's all very exciting, what with roiling pots of malted water and the oven cranked to the limit.

Speaking of my man, he started a bottle of homemade limoncello for me for Valentine's Day. Hello meyer lemons, I love you. I have wanted to do this for years and never gotten around to it. Sometimes I think that's the theme of our marriage: I have wanted to do that for years so let's try it right now together. This place has been a lot about the babs lately but behind/underneath/around all of that is my adoration and appreciation and general could-not-would-not-do-this-without-you-ness that I feel for my husband. Also? He is hilarious.

Ok, I think that's enough for one sitting. As you were.


queenbeehoney said...

Don't even ask how many times I have watched that video.


queenbeehoney said...

And we definitely would like to see the updated version!

A. Bear said...

Heather your family is in a word, adorable.

Heather said...

Ha, I love getting an email in my inbox that says "A Bear has commented on your blog." Makes me smile every time.

A. Bear said...

well here is another one heather. This guy is finding he has a bit too much free time and is looking to pick up the banjo. According to your profile you play banjo. Any advise on banjo brands, or types, or buying strategems GO! There are officially none in Japan I have looked everywhere.

Heather said...

Andrew, shoot me your email! I have way too much to say about banjos (although short of an international ebay situation, not entirely sure what to say about locating one in Japan - are your parents going to visit you anytime soon?).


A. Bear said...