Friday, March 25, 2011


Holy shit it's Friday. I always think that the week after a break should be mellow but I am always wrong. Update the file, lady. Fortunately we have a Grandmother headed our way as I type this so these tired parents can hopefully sneak away this weekend.

In the random category:

I did not listen to a lot of children's music growing up. I can really only remember one album that I listened to with a sort of obsessive glee that I associate with fans of that genre. Anyway, I went and listened to this album and while I remembered every single word of the whole thing, I was shocked to find that the hammered dulcimer features prominently in quite a number of the songs. I join many other old-time musicians in making hearty fun of this instrument, is this my comeuppance? Because seriously, I still love these songs to absolute bits. Right.

The other day I put a box over my head and was completely and utterly swamped with memories of playing in homemade cardboard structures with my best friend. Like for a minute I was exactly five years old and Rachel and I were giggling wildly through one of the windows (me probably hassling the mom nearby for snacks, jeezopete I was always wanting snacks as a kid). Who knew the smell of cardboard was so potent? Go put a box over your head, you'll see.

I have been doing fancy hairdos wearing lip colors lately. Spring fever? A bathroom with nice lighting? A kid who loveslovesloves to stand up by the tub and throw every item within reach into said tub?

Speaking of the kid, yesterday he sidled from the tub to the toilet. Yo, sidling is not easy! Also, today the boys came to work to visit and the little man waved goodbye. At first I thought it was an accident but then he did it again. And again. And then finally he waved with both hands as if taking pity on his slow mother. Ok smartypants, I get it.

Lastly, we have been here lately. It's so good that it hurts. Also, I have found that on the second time around the second season is not nearly as painful. What is painful is reading about some very sad post Twin Peaks careers. Does Kyle MacLachlan really have a blog about his dogs or is Wikipedia just messing with me? Either way: sad.

Ok lovelies. Have great weekends.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nine Months

Nine months ago-ish.

Oscar Stewart Harvey is nine months old today. This feels so significant to me - as he has grown these many months it repeatedly boggled my mind to know that he'd been a part of me longer than not. Now he's a boy of the world. And my how he's grown. The latest tricks include pulling himself to standing on anything that will sit still and going from crawling to sitting. It is a complete shock to come around a corner and find him standing in front of the washing machine or some such. We call him The Inspector - he's so curious and so determined and pretty much pats everything down to check it out. He's also started snuggling, which I love love love. Busy turned out to be a pretty telling nickname for this little guy.

Oscar saying, "When I came out I was this big!" No kidding, Mister Ten Pounder...

It's been hard not to worry lately. My friend's illness, Japan, work stress, a baby whose fifth tooth seemed to finally knock our brave teether for a loop, etc. The spring has also, unsurprisingly, brought about quite a wave of longing for our garden. Last week we planted onions in our community garden plot, a seriously over-cover-cropped plot of fairly compacted soil, and the first ten minutes of spading found me almost angry at this poor little bed for not being in the state that we left our own garden. Argh. So I dug around rudely for a while until things sorted themselves out. I think I was partially angry because I recognize that right now I/we don't have the time or energy to recreate what we did yet a part of my mental upkeep has always involved spending a lot of time in the dirt. We're still cooking on the guerrilla garden down the hill though, so there's hope.

All for now but more later. Be well out there.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The Wednesday before spring break is feeling very much like itself. We're tired around here. After weeks of speedy belly crawling Oscar has gotten his knees under him and what they say in parenting books about motor skills and sleep is true. I remind myself from whence we came, but there have been some mornings around here when everything in my body aches for more sleep as I walk up the steps to work. B's head hit the pillow at 7:53 this evening; keeping up with the squish during the day when said squish has been up at night is no joke. It is a joy to watch Oscar move in new ways though, no doubt.

Some extremely lousy news on the health front for a coworker has left me sad and uncertain. I don't have a lot of experience with death or dying or illness. I am 34 years old and can say that there has only been one death in my world of loved ones. I see that I am fortunate to be able to say that I am still surprised by tragedy, yet I think it is this same circumstance that causes me, upon orbiting into loss, to look wildly to my husband and child and family and realize with panic that such a thing could call on any one of us.

Stay well out there.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big Boy Shoes

Oh man, I am sorry to make all of you (hi mom!) look at that Bean Boot for so long. We got busy. My lovely parents came to visit and my mom nearly hugged Oscar to death and Johnny enchanted him with ear massaging guitar chords and general grandfatherly goofiness. B and I went on a hot date and a hike with just the two of us. Good times.

Yesterday B put lace up shoes on Oscar and for some reason it nearly killed me with the little boy-ness of it all. He is such a long narrow bean, sometimes I feel like he could practically just up and walk away from me. Not yet, mister, not yet.