Friday, March 25, 2011


Holy shit it's Friday. I always think that the week after a break should be mellow but I am always wrong. Update the file, lady. Fortunately we have a Grandmother headed our way as I type this so these tired parents can hopefully sneak away this weekend.

In the random category:

I did not listen to a lot of children's music growing up. I can really only remember one album that I listened to with a sort of obsessive glee that I associate with fans of that genre. Anyway, I went and listened to this album and while I remembered every single word of the whole thing, I was shocked to find that the hammered dulcimer features prominently in quite a number of the songs. I join many other old-time musicians in making hearty fun of this instrument, is this my comeuppance? Because seriously, I still love these songs to absolute bits. Right.

The other day I put a box over my head and was completely and utterly swamped with memories of playing in homemade cardboard structures with my best friend. Like for a minute I was exactly five years old and Rachel and I were giggling wildly through one of the windows (me probably hassling the mom nearby for snacks, jeezopete I was always wanting snacks as a kid). Who knew the smell of cardboard was so potent? Go put a box over your head, you'll see.

I have been doing fancy hairdos wearing lip colors lately. Spring fever? A bathroom with nice lighting? A kid who loveslovesloves to stand up by the tub and throw every item within reach into said tub?

Speaking of the kid, yesterday he sidled from the tub to the toilet. Yo, sidling is not easy! Also, today the boys came to work to visit and the little man waved goodbye. At first I thought it was an accident but then he did it again. And again. And then finally he waved with both hands as if taking pity on his slow mother. Ok smartypants, I get it.

Lastly, we have been here lately. It's so good that it hurts. Also, I have found that on the second time around the second season is not nearly as painful. What is painful is reading about some very sad post Twin Peaks careers. Does Kyle MacLachlan really have a blog about his dogs or is Wikipedia just messing with me? Either way: sad.

Ok lovelies. Have great weekends.


Jenni said...

John McCutcheon is a great choice. Love that guys songs.

we're still in Battlestar land. But we've become a little unaddicted. So that is good. When it is over, it won't be as painful.

queenbeehoney said...

Good old John, wouldn't I love to go hear him live again. We must find him and take Oscar!

leya said...

Good grief that boy is a cutie.

vajofrey said...

Did you heard what Rob Matts said about that?

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