Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Midweek. Take a breath.

Some silence on this line as spring unfolds here. Oscar is almost 10 months old and I have finally been struggling with how to find time for myself again. Every day will fill itself up to the brim if I let it, with what I cannot even always say. Last night B went to yoga, the baby went to sleep, and I read uninterrupted for almost two hours. There was a nagging voice in my head that pestered me to work on my quilt or play the fiddle or do the dishes and finally I shut her up and came to terms with the fact that right now lying in a quiet house reading is actually getting something done.

The photo above is from this time last year - Busy was all tucked in there and we were planting the beginning of our summer garden. I think we will pull off some sort of garden for this summer, but I have to say that I feel the least myself when it comes to this. I'm just tired, darn it. When I was pregnant and hungry at weird times I used to say that Busy was eating all of my groceries. Sometimes this still feels like the case, 'cause this kid has one durn big battery. Good thing all my groceries are going to such a cute little monkey. I guess the skin I'm in just feels a little strange these days; I am used to mentally cleaning house by tearing into a chicken coop that needs to be cleaned or digging two foot holes for tomatoes or planting a huge bed of strawberry plants in a morning and, well, right now I think I might just need to lie in the grass or on the couch or in the hammock and do just about nothing at all. Note the horizontality of all these suggestions...

May you all lounge on the couch with great gusto soon.


Jo said...

Heater, that last video is my new favorite thing. (But, no wonder you are in need of a lie down...) His range of noise-making has expanded so much since the last time I saw you guys. I cannot wait to hear it all in person.

queenbeehoney said...

Love the photo, I know that expression so well. Captures the spirit of the togetherness of the two of you.

Mr. "Liver 'n Lemons" used to sternly lecture me that bodies are like seasons, and when they need a season of rest, to work against that tiredness is tantamount to pretending that winter will never come. Soon you find yourself staggering through the snow with nothing on. Rest, delicious rest, better than chocolate when you're tired to the bone.

Gramma BBB will be there to spoil you soon!

Jenni said...

I am so happy you read for two hours straight in a quiet house. That sounds just perfect!