Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hooooooooooooly shit, it's been busy around here. Work, bake, babs, hike, see friends, play music, sleeeeeep. Yes, sleep. If memory serves, and yes it does, I have said this once already but: Osh is sleeping through the night. Like goodnight at 7:30, see you at 6:30. We were almost there but then the gymnastics hit - scooting, crawling, standing. And good grief did our Montessori-no-crib-mattress-on-the-floor setup suddenly not work and before I knew it was back in Osh's room three or four times a night. For eight months it completely rocked our socks to not use a crib - being able to nurse Oscar without the whole pickup/putdown fancy dance was awesome. But yeah, our squish is strong and determined and completely unafraid of scaling and sliding down four feet of pillows. So. Really awesome neighbors loaned us an extremely handsome crib, we threw him in there and prepared for a rough transition found ourselves pleasantly surprised with multiple! full! nights! of! sleep! Well, actually, the boys got that. Me, what with the end of Oscar's pregnancy and the last nine months, I am fully trained to lurk the halls of our home whether there is an awake baby or not. So we're all doing some sleep training around here.

Beyond that we are just letting spring rock our socks. We live in the mountains, yes indeedy, and this move has plonked us right in the middle of one beautiful valley. We are keeping up with the season's changes on a bigger scale as we hike along our river and creeks and ridge lines. Japanese maples, dogwoods, cherry trees, redbuds, magnolias - from stark winter contrasts we've slowly eased into new greens and the family of pink. Good stuff. I'm pleased to say that the last time we visited our garden plot I was much nicer to it. Our onions are growing away, soon to be joined by more demonstrative vegetables.

Today the babs finally pulled a large piece of furniture down upon himself. He made a face sort of like the one above, but much, much louder. He was extremely brave while B and I nearly hugged him to death and felt badly about not removing the offending item sooner. Earlier in the day he slithered into the bathtub, fortunately with a remarkable grace. So far we've done a pretty good job of making the whole house available to him - all lower levels have rotating toys and books and there's no room off limits. We've just been a little taken off guard by how quickly he's gotten the standing and sidling and reaching thing going. Where on earth will the houseplants go????


queenbeehoney said...

Bwahaha! Oscar, the human get-into-everything machine. For the record, you never pulled anything over on yourself. Voila the difference between girls and boys ~ even at 9 months girls are smart enough not to do that shit. We loveses those bois, but they are so much more exhausting to raise! Love love the aviator hat and the unhappy teeth. Those teeth just slay me.

cake said...

so happy to hear that the crib transition was easy. I think we tried that at about the same developmental stage, but it did NOT work for us. and, it was also okay. we just had an (empty) handsome crib around for a while, 'til we passed it on to some friends.
that boy sounds like he is such a hoot!
your woodsy home sounds like a dream.