Monday, May 23, 2011

Icky Goo Icky Goo Icky Goo Goo Goo

We here in this family have been sick. I ran point, getting sick first and longest and worst. B was right behind me just by actually getting sick at all (the man usually just observes from the sidelines). And Osh drafted off of us both and got away with an adorably hoarse voice and a minimal amount of snot: rockstar. Suffice to say that the semester ended ages ago but it wasn't until this weekend that we got some of our spring on and got around to enjoying ourselves.

Yesterday we returned to our old home and picked several gallons of sun warmed strawberries. Funny, it is easier to do that when you are not eight months pregnant. We planted more goodies in our garden down the hill, some things that say we're staying like sage and silver thyme. And in perhaps our favorite mark of spring, we made a sour cherry rhubarb brown betty. Unfortunately we left our own rhubarb plants behind, but the boys are quite chummy with the garden manager here so rhubarb was procured in exchange for a promised delivery of brown betty. Today we made good on the deal and left reminded of how nice it is to trade rather than pay. How exciting is it to give someone five dollars? Exactly. But it is durn exciting to deliver a warm pyrex baker's dish of fruity goodness to a guy who has spent all morning working hard.

The babs is growing like a weed - every day he looks longer to me. He has twice come upon me unexpectedly and issued a quiet "Mama!" and so I endeavor to surprise him when possible but usually am received with more of an "ba-ba-ba-be-be-ya-ya" sort of greeting. We have also abandoned feeding the child pureed things with a spoon. He tolerated it and then hated it, and we were right there with him. Now we give him what we're eating and enjoy the mess. Let me say right now that it is insanely hilarious and awesome to watch the kid pick up individual french lentils and eat them. The seriousness of the task was only slightly undermined by our giggles.

The plant identification project continues. We are getting into the things I have been looking at for my entire life: sorrels and plantains and hop clovers and vetches and hedge nettles. A few days ago I sat at a red light and identified a goodly number of the plants around me: pleasing. I am hopeful that there will be time to walk my family farm with my Granny and a flower book this summer. She is from whence my plant love sprung, and there is always a part of me that is thinking of her when I examine a leaf to see if it is toothed or run my fingers down the index to find the six-regular-parts-opposite-leaves-entire section. (Gran, I had a dream that you painted your kitchen deep lilac with black trim.)

Stay well out there, this late May bug is a meanie.

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queenbeehoney said...

Oh Oscar is so cute with his rhubarb leaves! I love that adorable babs!