Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swimmer Babs

We are making excellent headway on the summer list. Our house is a 15 minute walk from the river, and B has spent the spring scouting the best places to lounge and swim. The kid is bananas for the whole scene - he chased floating leaves, scrambled up and back down a sand bank, and squealed with delight upon being plunged into the chilly water. We all came home tired and Osh slept for two hours. Might have to be an afternoon tradition... This morning there was sand in his bed and I felt summer squeeze my hand.

Yah, can you tell there are eight (8!) teeth in that smiling mouth???


leya said...

Eeeek! Look at that happy boy. Felix is super jazzed by dirt and sticks and leaves, too. He had to be hosed down just yesterday after an afternoon of frolicking in the dirt. Can't wait to get these two guys together!

queenbeehoney said...

Oh! These are the most beautiful Osh pics! Nothing like summer in the woods. So happy to hear that you are on the mend and able to rest now that the semester is over.

may said...

My kid is jealous of that river-swimming. It was 90 degrees here today, and all she got to do was sit in the kiddie pool.